A recent article on RainToday lists five unexpected places where you may snag new-business leads. The author, general manager of RainToday Erica Stritch, writes, “…in the economic slowdown, you need to be more on top of the leads you already have. You need to be vigilant in working your leads. Instead of looking for new leads, look to the leads you already have right beneath your nose.” A great example from the list is “Lost Proposals.” Just because you didn’t win an account, doesn’t mean that’s the end of the road for you and the prospect. Keep up lines of communication, whether it’s a quick e-mail hello or an article you pass along. Just make sure to stay in touch and keep that connection. You never know when the right project may come along that is the perfect fit for that prospect and your agency. For the other four ways to find a “treasure trove” of leads, check out Stritch’s article, “Forgotten Leads: How to Find a Treasure Trove of Leads Hidden Within Your Firm.”