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What your salespeople are afraid to tell you

What Your Salespeople Are Afraid to Tell You

“She doesn’t seem like he wants to help me out,” a respondent said about his manager in SalesFuel’s 2017 Voice of the Sales Rep study. “He is not around when I need him or he fails to see the importance of an issue I need his help to resolve.” These are direct quotes from two of the 725 salespeople SalesFuel polled in January 2017. And it’s what sales representatives are thinking, but aren’t telling their managers.

Small Business Saturday More Lucrative Than Ever for Local Merchants

AudienceSCAN‰’s annual ‰Small Business Saturday Shoppers 2015‰ white paper clearly shows small and medium-sized businesses that planning for, and participating in, this national event can yield lucrative results. The paper contains fresh data from an annual survey of more than 14,000 consumers, revealing cutting-edge information in the hearts and minds of those most likely to be this year‰’s best customers.

Who Sets the (Low) Bar in Your Sales Department?

In sales, we often talk about setting the bar high. But there’s another bar for sales managers to consider. It’s not the high bar that sets the desired standard, it’s the LOW bar that can be a job killer. Here are seven examples of how the “low bar” gets set on your sales team…

Father’s Day Spend to Hit $12.7 Billion

Three in 10 will shop online for Father’s Day. Online shoppers plan to spend an average of $157 — higher than the typical Father’s Day shopper — and nearly 4 in 10 plan to use their smartphones to research products and compare prices

41% of Mobile Shoppers Prefer Retailer’s Full Website

Online shoppers want retailers to make it easier to purchase their goods and services. Consumers also want websites and stores to work better together. For now, they also prefer to evaluate and purchase products from their desktops rather than their mobile devices,

Nearly 60% of Small Business Saturday Shoppers Have Above-Average Incomes

Nearly 60% of U.S. Adults who shopped at a locally-owned business on Small Business Saturday in 2013 had above average incomes, according to a new whitepaper released today by AudienceSCAN®.

New Video! Q1 2014 Marketing Forecast Focuses on Small Business Marketing

The first quarter 2014 edition of the Ad-ology Marketing Forecast focuses on the 2014 Small Business Marketing Forecast, featuring findings from the 6th annual Ad-ology Research study. SMB Optimism, Ad Spending Increases, Email and Mobile Marketing are featured topics.

New Video! Advertising Smarter for Copy/Packing/Mailing Retailers

Episode 60 of Advertising Smarter focuses on Copy/Packing/Mailing Retailers – – and looks at how you can create the right message, at the right time…using the right media to reach the target audience for this category. Watch this video briefing here, see it in HD on YouTube, or subscribe to see every new episode upon

Consumers are Buying More Specialty Foods, Beverages

Consumers are choosing specialty foods over conventional foods at record levels, according to research from the Specialty Food Association. Innovative foods and beverages are driving the growing trend. Nearly 75% of U.S. consumers report making specialty food purchases this year, a major increase since the economic downturn of 2009 when only 46% reported that they bought these high-quality products.

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