Author: Deb Calvert

Showcase Value in All Your Sales Process Stages

Can we talk about your sales process? It seems that every organization has invented its own sales process stages. Whatever your process looks like, the most important thing is to understand where your buyer is.

A Transparent Leadership Philosophy Makes You Consistent, Credible

Do you have a leadership philosophy? You might need one if you plan to lead with consistency and credibility.

Seven Tips for Establishing the Boundary Between Boss and Buddy

What is the appropriate boundary between being a boss and being a buddy? Use these seven tips to keep yourself on the right track.

Leadership Humility: Are You Strong Enough?

Many mistakenly believe that being humble is a sign of weakness. We associate the word, “humility,” with other words that are unfair attachments to the true meaning of humility.

Crafting a Leadership Philosophy to Amp Up Your Effectiveness

It was a great opportunity, double the salary I’d been earning and THE company everyone wanted to work for in 2006. I said “no” to the offer and started my own business instead. The offer, incredible as it was, didn’t fit the commitments I’d made in my personal life. Raising a special needs child, I’d

7 Times When Less Is More in Selling

In selling, there are times when a minimalist approach is needed. Minimalism is a term used in art to describe the bare essence of a subject. To express something in minimalist form, the artist eliminates all non-essential elements.

Leadership Super Powers: Active Listening Plus Learning Agility

There are two leadership super powers no manager, influencer or high achiever can succeed without.

Avoid Asking Too Many Sales-Focused Questions

Sales-focused questions are one of four types of questions sellers should use with care during the needs-assessment phase of their sales process.

Are You Staying in the Moment During Sales Calls?

Paying attention. Being fully present. Actively listening. Staying in the moment. It matters a lot when you’re meeting with a buyer.

3 Steps to Check Your Intent and Meet Buyer Needs

Sellers who have a strategic intent to meet buyer needs will ask questions to uncover those needs.

Why Leaders’ Actions Overshadow Intentions

Throughout our lives, in every relationship and situation, people will judge what they see us doing no matter what it was that we intended or meant to do. In leadership, your credibility rides on this. Actions overshadow intentions.

Seller Differentiation Is the New Competitive Differentiation

Even if you represent a strong brand and product, you may need to work on seller differentiation in order to be positioned favorably in the buyer’s mind.

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