Author: JenniferGluckow


The Fine Line Between FOCUS and FOCUS IN

REALITY: You can’t stop a storm or change the weather, or affect the outcome of your favorite TV sitcom. Rather than focus on what you can’t do, or the things going on around you – politics, the weather, traffic, or even your competition, focus on the one person who can make the biggest difference in YOUR world and your sales world: YOU.


Where’s my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Everyone’s looking for a happy ending. What people don’t understand is, if there’s not a happy beginning, there’s never going to be a happy ending.


Attitude, your attitude…

Attitude, your attitude, affects everything you do and every accomplishment you achieve, or don’t achieve.


Inspiration is the key to action and achievement

I’m inspired about what sets Paris apart from other cities. What makes it set the standard for other cities. Think about what inspires you? Think about what sets you apart?

Think about what standards are you setting?


Networking like a dog

Charlie is my 12-week old puppy (she’s a girl for those of you who assumed otherwise). As a first-time dog mom, I have taken note of Charlie’s habits, and in particular, her friendliness and ability to speak with, connect to, and doggie-network with anyone and EVERYONE she crosses paths with.


Before and After – The Power of Networking

The secret sauce of networking is manufactured before the meeting starts, and is used during the meeting to attract and engage, and after the meeting is over to engage and connect. Powerful sauce, eh?