Author: Jessica Helinski


Tips to Match Your Superstar Traits to Prospects’ Needs

Enthusiasm is a valuable trait in sales but it’s not everything. Sure, an enthusiastic presenter engages the audience during a presentation but audiences need more.


How to Create the Right Mindset in Your Prospects

It’s not necessarily our message that first moves people to think or act. But rather the mindset we create for them can guide decisions.


Top Tips for Customer Happiness

In a recent Forbes column, Steve Olenski reports its costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain a current client. What are you doing to keep your existing customers happy and loyal?


Have You Been Burying Your Email Ledes?

It’s not easy to get prospects to read your email these days. If you’re burying your ledes, you’re making your job even tougher. Read on to learn how to fix this problem.


How to Make the Most of Your Trade Show Leads

Do you think the prospect you met at the trade show last week remembers you? Don’t count on it. Follow Michael Pedone’s advice to make the most of your trade show leads.


How an A- Grade Can Speed Up Your Work Process

If you’re a perfectionist, you might not ever like to do A- work. But, Guthrie Weinschenk points out that you can be more efficient if you devote your best efforts only to projects that require A+ work.


Are You Using Words That Make Clients Question Your Honesty?

It’s important that the language you use reflects your true self–and your honesty. If you’re not sure of today’s red-flag words, read Minda Zetlin’s advice.


Is It Time to Make Cold Calls Part of Your Routine?

Cold calls aren’t anyone’s idea of a good time. If you find yourself always putting off your cold calling duties, these tips from Pat Morrissey might help.


Top Hacks To Succeed in Your New Sales Job

New job anxiety can strike whether this is your first or your tenth sales position. Use these hacks from Chris Gillespie to conquer your fears and

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