Author: Jessica Helinski


How To Spot A Prospect Who’s Not Right For You

If you hear the prospect saying things like, “we really don’t have the budget for this” or “I can’t afford that price,” you might want to reconsider further pursuit.


Are You Projecting A Confident, Assured Image?

When speaking, it’s vital that reps project a confident, assured image. Consider everything you say and how it will impact others’ view of you. Also, even more importantly, take time to listen.

Three Rules for Networking Conversations

In a recent Inc. article, Minda Zetlin shares 16 conversation starters that can help the next time you need to chat up a stranger.

Do You Know When to Deliver Your Close Question?

Having a great question isn’t enough — you must be able to use it immediately when you get the feeling it’s time to ask.


How to Align Your Strategy with What B2B Buyers Want

B2B sellers are mostly missing the mark because they rely too heavily on tired sales techniques.


Asking for Advice Can Make you Look Competent

Seeking advice from others is a great way to grow as a salesperson, and you can ensure that others are willing to help by following Inc.’s tips.


How Well Are Your Email Subject Lines Working?

A good subject line is specific, suggests a benefit to the recipient, and is contextually appropriate for the business relationship. How well are your email subject lines working?


Top Tips to Improve Focus in the Workplace

“Whether you work remotely or in a bustling office, distractions abound,” Shundalyn Allen writes. “Fortunately, you can avoid, reduce, or even eliminate most distractions.”


Are you investing in sales as a profession?

Are you investing in sales as a profession? If not, you should be. Colleen Stanley notes that learning from the experts and signing up for training will help you improve your prospects and your career over the long term.

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