Author: Jessica Helinski


Enjoy Your Vacation AND Make Quota

Sherer encourages reps to devote time to NOT working on vacation, adding that “[it] may be challenging to take time off in sales, but it’s 100% necessary to live a balanced, fulfilling life.” With these tips, you can unwind on vacation without stressing over your sales.


What Are You Asking During Your Discovery Calls?

Do you know the optimal number of questions to pose during a discovery call?


Top Tips to Assess That New Prospect

As you lure that new prospect toward your sales funnel, take time to assess the account. Who will make the ultimate purchase decision? How do they want to received communications from you? John Barrows lists several questions that will help you qualify the prospect.


3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Negotiating Skills

By the negotiation phase of the sales process, you and the prospect both have a common goal: A sale! But, just because the prospect is buying from you, doesn’t mean you are at his or her mercy.


Earn Prospect Trust with Good Storytelling

Typically, reps make their product or service the hero of a story, saving the day for the prospect and his or her business. But, what if you switched it up? Emily Bauer suggests casting the prospect as your story’s hero.

Fresh Phrases to Close the Sale

The first thing to consider when closing is whether or not your phrase or question is assumptive. As Emma Brudner points out, it shouldn’t be


How to Qualify Your Leads

Taking the extra time to qualify every lead allows you to focus attention only on those that fit your ideal customer profile. By doing this, not only will you notice a more efficient pipeline and improved productivity, you’ll earn more respect.


Praise the Buyer to Break the Sales Rep Mold

In a recent blog post for People First Productivity Solutions, Deb Calvert encourages reps to “obliterate” industry stereotypes. “You aren’t bound by sales stereotypes,” she points out. “You can choose different behaviors.”


Top Tips for Scoring Testimonials

If you aren’t using reviews or testimonials to their full potential, it’s time to start! Ian Brodie shares five detailed steps to getting usable, quality quotes from clients and other professionals.

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