Author: Jessica Helinski


How Do You Handle the No-Show?

Dealing with a no-show is a delicate task; how you react can determine the future of the relationship.

What’s Your Plan for Managing the Last Quarter of 2017?

If you are using final weeks of each quarter to hastily make deals, you might want to reconsider. You could end up costing your company more than you’re winning.


Old-School Sales Tactics Still Work Today

One way to build relationships is to actually talk to people. Don’t get in the habit of using only social media or email to communicate with others. While digital tools are convenient, they shouldn’t be a complete substitute for picking up the phone or meeting in-person.


How Do You Start Your Sales Calls?

According to a recent article by HubSpot writer Emma Brudner, “Starting off a connect call with “is this a bad time?” creates a plethora of problems that kill the sale out of the gate.”

How to Warm Up a Cold Email

The all-important subject line is particularly vital to cold emails. Often, this seemingly simple line is what drives the recipient to click open or delete. Make sure you keep it under 30 characters and be specific.

trade show

How to Stop the Slow Death of Trade Show Leads

Trade show leads can take a long time to nurture. To make the post of the opportunity, note who the warm leads are and make them your focus. And most importantly, pledge ample time post-show to follow up.


How To Prevent Last-Minute Deal Disaster

In an article for Harvard Business Review, Steve W. Martin writes about common reasons salespeople don’t close deals, some of which may not be obvious to the seller.


What to Say When You Need an Answer Now

It’s understandable that a salesperson will have deadlines, but there are more tactful ways to communicate that than saying “as soon as possible.” Rather than cause anxiety or create pressure, consider using one of the following suggestions the next time you request something by a deadline.


How to Tap Into “Actionable Inspiration”

You will never have different results if you keep doing the same thing. Plus, change is inevitable, so why wait? Stand out from competitors and score new successes by evolving.


How to Use Silence in Your Sales Conversations

The next time you’re faced with an awkward silence, avoid the temptation to fill it with rambling. By giving the other person space, you are giving your own words more impact.

How to Handle a Prospect who Goes Dark

A prospect may be very responsive at the beginning of a relationship but as time goes by, the rep may find it harder to reach him or her–until the responses completely cease. This is called ghosting.


Here’s The Best Way to Start Your Week

Instead of randomly doing things ranked on how much you feel like doing them on Monday mornings, focus on pressing needs. That’s the advice from sales blogger S. Anthony Iannarino.

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