Author: Kathy Crosett

leading questions

Are You Using Leading Questions in Your Coaching Sessions?

What do your coaching sessions sound like? If they’re all about you asking your team members the ‘Are you done with the project yet?’ question, your management effort isn’t as effective as it could be.


Are You Developing Purposeful Leaders?

We hear a lot these days about how leaders should be filled with passion and purpose. Steve Jobs’ fanatical devotion to developing and selling his line of sleekly styled and game-changing digital devices is a famous example. How much does purpose matter for other leaders?


How Team Meetings Help Develop Talent

Whether it’s reviewing how a sales rep did on the last client call, or discussing the next set of goals to work on, regular one-on-one meetings help employees focus on the future. Other organizational meetings can also help employees feel that someone has their best interests in mind.


Only 59% of Managers Can Support New Skills Learned by Team Members

If your company is in the process of merging with a former rival, or if you’re about to launch a major new product, your employees will require significant training and education. And, your managers must be ready to support their team members during this period of change.


How to Banish Up-Speak and Other Vocal Turnoffs From Your Sales Pitch

Your voice is one of key aspects of the image you portray to prospects and customers. If you’ve been working with a client over the phone and have never had a video call or a personal meeting, she will make decisions about you based on your voice.


Are the Right People in Your High-Potential Program?

Every organization has them. In fact, the top 5% of employees in your company fall into this important category: your high-potentials. Do you know which individuals should be placed in your high-potential leadership development program?


What’s Your Charisma Score?

George Clooney is the world’s most attractive man. And, he’s also got charisma. What should the rest of us do to boost charisma, especially those who are in leadership positions?


Will That Candidate Succeed In Your Office Culture?

How important is company culture? Some of today’s most successful tech giants point to adherence to specific cultural practices as the reason for their success.


How to Start A Conversation with a Complete Stranger

When’s the last time your spoke with a stranger, face to face? That’s right. You had to look up from your phone, acknowledge the physical presence of another human being, and engage in small talk.


Are You Delegating or Abdicating?

For some managers, the expansion of the team means assigning the pesky or detested project to the new guy. All too often, the delegation of work becomes more of an abdication by the manager, as explained by Michael Hyatt.


How to Manage Meeting Mayhem

Not every meeting will go as planned. The way you handle a client or partner outburst during a meeting will impact the long-term relationship and impact your reputation as a manager.


Apply These Creative Skills To Connect With That Stubborn Prospect

One of the biggest concerns today’s hiring managers have about the new crop of college graduates entering the job market centers on their ability to think. Creative thinking and problem-solving skills are critically important whether an employee is handling a customer service problem or trying to connect with a prospect.

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