Author: Kathy Crosett

Do Your Health Care Clients Need Online Reputation Management Help?

The latest research shows health care professionals need to devote more resources to managing their online reputations.

Are Your Clients Overdoing Their Retargeting Ads?

Once consumers show interest in a specific product online, it’s easy to imagine they’re halfway down the purchase funnel. To reel in consumers the rest of the way, marketers are investing more in retargeting efforts.

Have You Established a Culture for Your Project-Based Team?

You want to put your best people on your next team project. But, one of your engineers doesn’t work well with your marketing manager. What do you do?

How to Make the Right Emotional Connection with Prospects

Whether you’re working with a new prospect or an existing customer, you need to make an emotional connection. If you’re like many of your fellow sales reps, your connecting moments may not be happening often enough.

Is Anyone “Leaning In” At Your Meetings?

You’ve seen this behavior before. You’re trying to get people’s attention in your meeting. Instead of listening to the information you’re presenting, staff members are looking at their phones.

B2B Buyers are Checking Out Blogs, Podcasts

B2B buyers spend a lot of time checking out content online before they connect with a provider. This trend means you have to help your clients look their best online.

Are Your Clients Selling Themselves Short on Local Digital?

We recently celebrated National Small Business Week in the U.S.  Your clients have plenty to cheer about because the economy’s booming. But, they may be looking over their shoulders at the tech giants.

The Direct Mail Piece That Will Score Top ROI For Your Clients

Is direct mail dead? Not according to the latest statistics from the Direct Mail Association. Using pieces that are the right size and shape can drastically improve response rates.

How to Retain Employees During the War for Talent

As the chief engagement and brand officer at EHE, Joy Altimare knows how important it is to level-set or benchmark an individual’s health status. Here are the details she shared on a Manage Smarter podcast about how to benchmark a new manager’s status.

Is This The One Tool You Need to Make Quota This Month?

If airline pilots miss any single step of their pre-flight process, they’ve put themselves and their passengers at risk. Your typical sales process isn’t usually a life or death matter, but you’ll have a greater chance of success if you use a checklist.

How to Boost Productivity through Quiet Leadership

We often think of the best leaders as the ones who stand up in front of their employees and deliver inspiring speeches. We also need quiet leaders, as described by Art Markman in his recent Fast Company article.

Do Your Employees Have a Say in Your Company’s Future?

Managing a team of blue-collar employees in today’s workforce comes with plenty of stress. Your employees are constantly looking over their shoulders.

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