Author: Kathy Crosett

Digital Audit Helps Steal Agency Services Business

“I do find the emails about new sales opportunities super helpful. These open doors that we aren’t usually aware of… (it) lets us have a NEW reason to maybe walk in or set an appointment.” 

Are You Teaching Your Employees to Use ‘360 Listening?’

Employees often take their behavioral cues in the workplace from their managers. If you’ve been in the habit of shutting down dissenters, your attitude is a great disservice to your team and your company.

Deloitte: Holiday Retail Sales to Climb at Least 5.0%

This year’s holiday-related retail spending forecasts are starting to appear. Deloitte’s first crack at the numbers has come in at between a 5.0% and 5.6% increase over last year’s final results.

One-Third of Businesses Are Outsourcing Digital Marketing Needs

We know businesses are spending more on digital marketing. But, did you have any idea that 41% of businesses are spending at least $500,000 a year on digital?

Are Your Clients Using These Marketing Formats to Reach the C-Suite Buyer?

If your clients are selling to C-level executives, they’ll need to advertise in the right media formats. And, while they’re at it, they’ll need to cover more than price, product, place and promotion to make a sale.

How Personalized Coaching Improves Manager and Employee Engagement

Are you having trouble recruiting sales managers? Or maybe you’re having a tough time convincing a top salesperson to step into the sales management role at your company.

Are You Delegating Enough Tasks?

As a manager, one of your most crucial tasks is to develop your employees. Part of that development means delegating responsibilities.

Department Stores Count On TV Ads, E-commerce to Build Sales

It’s not too early for your clients to be planning their holiday advertising strategy. One group of retailers, department stores, relies heavily on TV ads during the holiday season.

Consumers Driving Big In-Store Revenue Increases

Consumers definitely like the convenience of online shopping, but they’re not giving up on their favorite local stores. During these good economic times, consumers are spending plenty of money at specialty stores and at their local malls.

How To Make Your Small Market Media Sales Quota in 2018

BIA Advisory Services recently updated its local ad market prediction for 2018. The total estimate is now $146.6B.

Are Your Sales Emails Speaking to Your Prospect’s Behavioral Style?

You try to address prospects’ needs in your email messages. And, you always include a call to action. Have you also considered the DISC style of the recipient?

Feedback is a Two-Way Street

For most managers, giving that kind of feedback is an enjoyable part of their responsibilities. Employees need more than praise if they’re going to grow as the organization changes, though.

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