Author: Kathy Crosett

Prepare Your Clients for the Shake-up in the Paid Search Market

At least 70% of surveyed businesses say they’ll increase digital ad budgets in 2019, and they’re particularly bullish about search.

How To Sell More TV and Video Advertising in 2019

Traditional TV may not have a growing audience, but advertisers still perceive the medium as an important part of their marketing mix.

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This One Mistake Can Ruin A Boss’s Credibility

It takes a long time for leaders to build trust and credibility with their employees. Just a few minutes of bad behavior on your part can completely destroy what you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Do Your Managers Know This Conflict-Resolution Trick?

Many rock-star employees believe they have leadership potential. Before you move them into a management role, give them some training – specifically in conflict management.

Wow Your Clients With Data Analysis To Ensure A Contract For Next Year

It that’s time of year. If you want to pitch new ways to offer value to your clients, and secure more work for 2019, check out the survey results from Sizmek.

Impress Your Clients and Prospects with Search Marketing Wizardry

Are you struggling to help your clients see the benefits of using both SEO and SEM? Here’s some advice on the topic from search expert Martin Reed.

Kathy Crosett November 2, 2018 Media + Marketing

Have You Told Your Clients the Latest About Content Marketing?

Just when your clients think they have content marketing all figured out, another study comes along to challenge their strategy. The 2018 Digital Content Survey from Altimeter contains surprising insights on what marketers have to say about their content strategies.

How to Help Your Employees Speak Up in Meetings

You may not have suffered from the problem, but some of your employees do. I’m talking about the fear of speaking up in meetings.

How To Ask The Right Questions In Your One-on-Ones

Regular one-on-one meetings can be a valuable experience for managers and employees. But, all too often, the results of your one-on-one meetings fall far short of what you and your team member could be accomplishing.


Wine & Liquor Store Gives Digital a Shot

This month’s Sell Smarter Award features Eric Grover of the Milwaukee Sentinel.

Have You Asked Your Employees What They Want To Get Better At?

You might be inclined to think that once an employee’s performing well at a job, you should leave well enough alone. Wrong! Your employees are counting on you to help them develop goals.

Nearly Half of Marketers Need Help With Media Mix

It’s a challenge every business owner faces. How much of their marketing budget should be spent on branding versus short-term promotions?

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