Author: LizWendling

Stop Complaining That You Hate To Sell And Do Something About It

Given how essential sales are to the bottom line of every business, I am often shocked at how many professionals would rather have a root canal and a colonoscopy on the same day than put themselves in a selling situation.

The Words and Phrases That Kill Sales

Have you ever stopped to think if some of the words and phrases that you use may be preventing prospects from buying your products or hiring you for your services?

These Are Not Business Differentiators

The crowded environment that professionals face today is intense, and it has never been more challenging to attract clients and close new business. These changes are so significant that your business won’t survive without true differentiation.

Take A Walk In Your Clients’ Shoes And Close More Business

It’s no secret: the more you understand your client and customers, the more you can solve their challenges, frustrations, and problems.

Stop Annoying People By “Just Following Up”

One of two things is usually happening when I start working with a client on follow-up. They are either not following up at all or they are following up like is it still 1982.

Show Me The Value!

Your value is infinitely more important than your price. To separate yourself from competitive options, you must establish an environment in which your prospect can clearly see the value and expertise that you provide.

Selling Without Selling is NOT Possible

The biggest business-destroying, money-depleting lie that professionals believe is that they can sell without selling. Selling without selling is NOT possible.

The Key to Closing Business With Social Media

The key to closing more business using social media is knowing HOW to close the business. What happens when your social media starts to work?

Go-Getter or Master Procrastinator?

In all aspects of life — personal achievement, relationships, business or health — it’s the go-getters who ultimately will triumph. Successful people at the top of every profession typically share one quality — they get things done.

Stop The Mindless Email Prospecting

A thoughtful email prospecting plan is an effective way to attract clients and close more sales. Bad email prospecting will result in a complete waste of time, money and effort.

Size Does Matter….In Sales

Size matters! There’s no room for a big ego in the sales process.

How is Your Sales Mojo

One of the most common questions asked of me by salespeople and business owners is, “Can you help me to get and stay motivated?”

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