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Scope Out Their Space

Not all meetings take place in boardrooms.

Too Much Excellence?

It’s no secret that client retention is important.

Keep Up on First-Person Feedback

Companies spend millions on sending out consumer surveys, conducting polls, and organizing focus groups.

Conversations Can Lead to Sales

Relationships are part of the foundation of sales.

Staying in Touch

The timing may not always be perfect with a prospect–schedules may conflict or he or she isn’t ready to commit to a contract.

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Diversified Services in the Salon Market Means Agency Opportunity

Packaged Facts reports that the salon industry is now worth $29.6 billion. The industry recorded only a 2% growth rate in 2007 while barbershops, with revenues at $2.4 billion, reported a 2% drop. General economic conditions may pressure these service providers in 2008. One way for operators to improve market share is to market something new.

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Local TV News and Marketing

If you’re working with a typical marketer you might be hearing how they plan to cut their media spend on TV when the DVR ownership rate hits 50%. Many of these marketers have already put a percentage on the planned cut: 12%. That amount would most likely be shifted to digital media according to a

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Keep Up On Online Criticism

Social media is emerging as a powerful marketing tool. Instant, available, and inexpensive, many companies are jumping on the bandwagon by offering interactive websites, blogs, and forums to consumers. But, this is also risky. Negative comments and reviews can deter prospective clients, as well as tarnish a reputation in the industry. So, how can your agency offer online interaction and save face?

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February 2008 Ad-ology LAB Report

Ad-ology’s monthly video podcast for February 2008 focuses on:

* Top Marketing Trends Expected for 2008
* Opportunity for Banking Clients with SMBs
* Tips for Maintaining Healthy Client Relationships
* Quick Public Speaking Tips from Toastmasters

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