December 12, 2017

More Adults Electing Orthodontic Treatments

"Traditionally, people who have needed orthodontia have gotten braces as adolescents. But things are changing with more adults now electing treatment, according to a new study by the British Orthodontic Society," Dentistry Today reported. "Its online membership poll found that 75% of respondents are seeing an increase in adult treatment."

December 11, 2017

Online Banking Customers Want More Mobile Options

"A recent KPMG report says that 57% of legacy banking institutions are only in the planning phases of upgrading their systems to provide more mobile digital banking services. And fintech competitors are “nipping at their heels,” happy to take advantage of what is clearly a “disconnect” between today’s financial services consumers and the banks that serve them," Michael Salo writes in business2community.

December 7, 2017

Local Restaurants Can Thrive in Mall Food Courts

QSR Magazine reports some quick-service restaurants aren’t just surviving, they’re thriving thanks to a delicate balance of operations, product offering, and marketing that can uplift a failing quick-serve and bring some success back to mall food courts. Quick-service restaurants need to commit to new marketing channels that align with consumer behaviors.

December 6, 2017

Frame Your Products to Encourage Customers to Complete the Set

"It’s no secret that people like to finish things; there’s something deeply and inexplicably satisfying about crossing the last item off a to-do list or acquiring the final piece of a collectible set. But just how far are people willing to go to achieve “completeness”? Recent research conducted by Harvard Business School investigated whether it’s possible to harness this desire to motivate people in specific ways."

December 4, 2017

Millennials Look to Instagram for Makeup Inspiration

Young shoppers are the driving force behind a boom in the cosmetics industry, the New York Times reports. Always camera ready, they are buying and using almost 25 percent more cosmetics than they did just two years ago and significantly more than baby boomers, according to the research firm NPD. And millennials who identify themselves as “makeup enthusiasts,” NPD found, are using six products each day.

November 30, 2017

This St. Pat’s Day Could Include Inflatable Pubs

On tap for St. Pat's Day in 2018: the inflatable Irish Pub. As it turns out, the sale and rental of inflatable Irish pubs is a thing, Digital Trends reports. An Irish company called the Inflatable Pub Company not only sells and ships these balloon-like bars, but also licenses rental companies across America to rent them out.

November 29, 2017

KBB: 10 Best Automotive Technologies To Consider In 2018

New-car buyers would do well to spend less time looking under the hood and more time examining all the technology in a vehicle. Of course, the powertrain still matters, but more important is how the driver and vehicle occupants interact with today's increasingly sophisticated automobiles. To help new-car shoppers navigate available in-car features, Kelley Blue Book named the 10 Best Automotive Technologies of 2018.