Boast to Boost Visibility

by | 2 minute read

C.J. Hayden, author of “Get Clients Now!,” believes that there is nothing wrong with a little self-promotion every now and then. In her article published on RainToday, she writes that there are many opportunities for businesses to boast about accomplishments, which can serve to assure current clients of success, but also pique the interest of potential clients as well. While no one likes arrogance, Hayden says that it’s a good thing to dabble in self-promotion as along as it’s not overdone. “You’ll quickly find that your clients and colleagues actually want to hear news from you, as long as you don’t constantly barrage them with it,” she writes. The following are some instances that call for “tooting your own horn”:

  • Winning an award or competition
  • Being elected or appointed to office in a professional or civic organization
  • Obtaining an important new client, contract, or strategic alliance
  • Giving noteworthy service to an existing client
  • Opening or relocating your office
  • Expanding to serve a new market
  • Offering a new product, service, or seminar
  • Launching a new or redesigned website, blog, or social media feed
  • Publishing the first issue of a newsletter
  • Reporting an invention or discovery
  • Expressing a unique opinion on a topical subject
  • Being selected to speak at a meeting or conference
  • Completing a survey or study
  • Having an article, white paper, or book published
  • Being quoted or mentioned in the media or blogosphere
  • Landing an interview on radio, TV, or the web

These not only give you a reason to keep in contact with those in your network, but also offer a chance to build credibility and reinforce the value of your business. For those unsure of how to tactfully tout their achievements, Hayden includes examples of how to get the word out, without coming across as smug. Find out what she suggests, and read her article in its entirety, by clicking here.

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