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Dealers to Appeal to SUV Shoppers with Fuel Efficiency

Consumer Reports spotlights the top most fuel-efficient SUVs based on the overall fuel economy test results, omitting electric vehicles. “Many SUVs now have fuel economy on par with large sedans,” Jeff Bartlett writes. “Not surprisingly, there are hybrids and diesel SUVs leading several key categories, but as you’ll see, the most fuel-efficient SUVs are hybrids and small models with regular gasoline engines.”


Dealers Should Promote Ethical Practices to Upend Consumer Distrust

Total Dealer Compliance, a car dealership compliance-auditing firm, announced key findings from its latest auto dealership survey conducted online in July among 200 U.S. adults aged 18+. The survey explores the public’s perception of a car dealership’s adherence to a code of ethics.


New Features for 2017’s Truck Models Haul in Shoppers

“In the U.S., pickup trucks are perennial top sellers. And because they are wildly profitable, competition and cash flow fuel perpetual upgrades. Digging in to what’s new in 2017 pickup trucks, there are a lot of details, upgrades, and even redesigns. Consumer Reports staff has driven many and shares the highlights below.”


Generational Differences Affect SUV-Shopping Behavior

Millennial vehicle-buying preferences may drive some big shifts in the automotive industry, according to a study from The study, What Drives Millennials, is based on 3,383 vehicle owners nationwide. It shows that Millennials care more about buying a new vehicle (+6.2% vs Gen X). Millennials also care less about price (-5.5% vs Gen X).

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The Car-Shopping Process From Moment to Moment

“Mobile has changed the auto purchase journey,” Think with Google reports. “From researching brands while on a lunch break to comparing prices on the dealership lot, mobile has an impact every step of the way.” Here Google shows examples of how real people behave in the five key auto micro-moments and what it means for automotive brands and dealerships.

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Take 2016’s Auto Trends to the Bank in 2017, a Cox Automotive brand operating websites of 62% U.S. franchise car dealerships, has insights from its digital advertising network that provide a closer at the behavior of vehicle shoppers in 2016. “If there’s one thing 2016 taught us, at least in terms of automotive digital shopping data, it’s that quality, not quantity, car shopper traffic is everything. The data does suggest that dealers must provide an engaging and efficient digital car-buying experience.”


Auto Dealers to Park Spots in Front of YouTube Users

Many car dealers use Facebook as a way to target, reach and promote deals to car shoppers. But are they missing out on a key opportunity by focusing mostly on Facebook? According to a recent poll by national car lease website,, most car shoppers actually turn to YouTube when researching their next vehicle.


Frequent Taxi Riders Still Running the Roads in NYC

“New York City’s iconic yellow cabs are still thriving. New York taxis are still dominating Uber by giving twice as many rides. According to a report by Morgan Stanley shared by Recode, there were 11.1 million taxi trips in April, compared with 4.7 million Uber trips. Rival ride-hailing company Lyft provided approximately 750,000 trips during the month.”

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Focus on Increased Safety of Autonomous Cars to Entice Auto Show Attendees

With new vehicle technologies being reported every day, autonomous (or self-driving) vehicles are capturing the attention of the automotive industry, consumers, dealers and developers alike. However, new research from Kelley Blue Book reveals that Americans are most comfortable with the vehicles currently on the road today, believing that they are significantly safer than models with a higher level of autonomy.

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