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Kelley Blue Book Names Best Family Vehicles Of 2018

After extensive testing and evaluation, with emphasis on safety ratings, overall value, versatility, amenities, comfort, drivability and technology, Kelley Blue Book’s expert editors name their recommendations for the Best Family Cars of 2018.

Navigate These Boating Trends in 2018

Technological change is sweeping the boating world, and boat builders have been churning out newer, better designs that deliver greater value than ever, reports. Thanks to CAD designs, 3D printing and a host of new technologies, today’s boats offer all-new levels of quality, comfort and reliability. Here’s a look at emerging trends in new boat design.

Despite Vehicle Advances, AAA Finds Breakdowns at Record High

Despite advances in vehicle technology, including maintenance reminders and other dashboard alerts designed to mitigate roadside trouble, AAA rescued a record-breaking 32 million drivers in 2015, with more battery, flat tire and key problems than ever before, a new study shows.

KBB: 10 Best Automotive Technologies To Consider In 2018

New-car buyers would do well to spend less time looking under the hood and more time examining all the technology in a vehicle. Of course, the powertrain still matters, but more important is how the driver and vehicle occupants interact with today’s increasingly sophisticated automobiles. To help new-car shoppers navigate available in-car features, Kelley Blue Book named the 10 Best Automotive Technologies of 2018.

Coast into 2018 with these Event Transportation Trends

Keep abreast of the latest trends in corporate transportation to better market to customers and potential customers! Staff bloggers at MTC Limousine spotlighted trends they see in the industry. Limousine and private car companies can use these to start 2018 off in the right gear.

8 Out of 10 Shopping for Vehicles with Apple CarPlay

A new report from the In-vehicle UX group at Strategy Analytics “Consumer Interest for In-Car Smartphone Mirroring is Almost Universal”, surveying consumers in the U.S., Western Europe and China, has found that an increasing number of consumers feel that smartphone mirroring systems such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Baidu CarLife will be a “must-have” when purchasing their next vehicle and moreover, are willing to pay for them at almost any reasonable price point.

Midsize Sedans No Longer Vehicle of Choice for Families

After spending 20 of the last 27 years as the best-selling vehicle segment in the U.S., midsize sedans have taken a dramatic downward turn in popularity. Midsize sedans were the top-selling vehicle segment as recently as 2014, but so far in 2017 have tumbled to fifth behind compact SUVs, large trucks, midsize SUVs and compact cars. Market share for midsize sedans is now a meager 10.7 percent — the segment’s lowest share since Edmunds began its tracking in 1991.

Showcase Personality Traits to Win Over Auto Show Attendees

It’s not just the practicalities that differentiate car manufacturers — new research from YouGov Profiles shows how the different marques have different personalities, too. There’s a more general sense of what each car brand represents. What does a Ford logo convey, and how is that different from Dodge? These factors help shape the decision process of future car buyers.

76% Would Schedule Dealer Service Appointments Online Again

Among dealership service customers who scheduled their appointment online, more than three-fourths (76 percent) said they were apt to go that route again, according to research from Cox Automotive. What’s more, setting up the service visit online creates a path toward a happier customer, says Jim Roche, vice president of marketing and managed services at Xtime.

Auto Dealers Struggling to Find Mechanics

“After selling almost 70 million new vehicles over the past four booming years, the nation’s 17,500 new-car dealerships face a curious predicament,” Ted Evanoff writes in The Commercial Appeal. “Auto sales finally have slowed, leaving dealers ever more dependent on the service department for profits, even though many are short on employees.”

75% Revved Up for Used Vehicle Lease Options recently completed an online survey presented to more than 2,500 drivers across the U.S. to gauge their appetite for lease deals on used cars and trucks. The company also commissioned a similar survey presented to 250 automotive executives at dealerships across the country on their desire and plans to offer more lease deals on used cars and trucks.

Average Affluent Family Spends $43,000 on Primary Vehicle

The annual YouGov Affluent Perspective 2017 Global Study says the affluent have an enduring love affair with cars. At present, 97% of affluent households own at least one vehicle, with the average affluent home owning two to three.

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