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Take a Walk on the Beach with Your Dentist

“Most patients would prefer a walk on a beach over a trip to their dentist. Now, they can do both at the same time and have a much more positive dental experience,” Dentistry Today reports. “Researchers from the Universities of Plymouth, Exeter, and Birmingham in the United Kingdom worked with the Torrington Dental Practice in Devon to develop virtual reality software that would improve routine dental procedures such as fillings and extractions.”

Social Jet Lag Associated with Worse Mood, Poorer Health, Heart Disease

Preliminary results of a new study show that social jet lag has emerged as an important circadian marker for health outcomes. Social jet lag is associated with worse mood, poorer health and heart disease.

Dads Want to Fix Fast Healthy Meals for Kids

A new FoodThink infographic highlights the mindset of the male shopper, specifically dads. With half of dads finding their desire to prepare meals for their family so strong that it triggers feelings of guilt when they don’t cook, food marketers can create offerings to cure their concerns.

Where Body Fat is Carried Can Predict Cancer Risk in Overweight Adults

Scientists have found that carrying fat around your middle could be as good an indicator of cancer risk as body mass index, according to research published in the British Journal of Cancer. It shows that adding approximately 11cm to the waistline increased the risk of obesity related cancers by 13 percent.

Doctors Can Sway Switchers by Promoting Satisfaction Rates

Doctors’ visits aren’t typically a favorite activity for most, but their importance is unquestionable. As health care models continue to morph, the marketplace is continually changing. Patients now have more choices than ever as to where and how they interact with their health care providers, so satisfaction is an increasingly important measure.

Compensation Report: Satisfied Physicians = Open Pocketbooks

Despite a workday filled with “too many rules and regulations” and hours spent on paperwork, nearly 8 in 10 U.S. physicians would choose medicine again as a career, according to the results of the 2017 Medscape Physician Compensation Report.

Is Running the Newest Social Disease?

“Can our workouts be shaped by what our friends do?” Gretchen Reynolds asked in The New York Times. “That question is at the heart of an important new study of exercise behavior, one of the first to use so-called big data culled from a large-scale, global social network of workout routines.”

Athleisure Trend ‘Blending’ into Makeup Category

Athleisure makeup has the cosmetics industry breaking a sweat, Fast Company reports. Cosmetics brands are catering to fitness enthusiasts’ desire to look good in and out of the gym. The gym and yoga studio have become social gathering places. The new era of “going out to the gym” is what partially inspired Rochelle Rae to found Rae Cosmetics, sweat-resistant makeup made for women.

Revenues Continue to Grow as Members Utilize Their Gyms More Frequently

More than 66 million Americans used a health club in 2016, a record-high since The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association began tracking health club consumer statistics in 1987. The number of individual members totaled 57.3 million, up 3.6% from 55.3 million in 2015.

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