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Experts Trim the Fat on 2018’s Best Diets

Each year, U.S. News asks a panel of nutritionists, dietary consultants and doctors who specialize in diabetes, heart health and weight loss to score dozens of diets in nine categories — including ease of adherence, best for heart health and diabetes, and best for fast weight loss. There is also a category for best plant-based diets, according to an NPR article.

Fitness Pros Name Top Workout Trends for 2018

The American College of Sports Medicine surveyed more than 4,000 fitness professionals, and the results are in: High Intensity Interval Training is forecast as 2018’s most popular trend in fitness. HIIT training is made up of bursts of all-out exercise followed by short periods of rest for recovery.

Aging Men: Growing Opportunity for Dermatologists

Dermatologic Surgery, the official journal of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, recently published a special issue titled, “Aesthetic Procedures for the Male Patient.” Dermatologists are seeing trends geared specifically toward men, including hair transplantation, cosmetic concerns in men of color, chemical peels, body contouring, neck rejuvenation and facial aging.

‘Fitfluencer’ Retreats: Not Your Mother’s Spa Retreat

“Young consumers don’t want the respected spa resort stalwarts of yore, they want to go wherever their prized fitness instructors go. The glory days of Canyon Ranch and Rancho La Puerta are quickly giving way to one-off retreats starring social media “fit-fluencers” and wellness gurus.” The founders of Well+Good say the tide is shifting.

More Adults Electing Orthodontic Treatments

“Traditionally, people who have needed orthodontia have gotten braces as adolescents. But things are changing with more adults now electing treatment, according to a new study by the British Orthodontic Society,” Dentistry Today reported. “Its online membership poll found that 75% of respondents are seeing an increase in adult treatment.”

Dental Procedure Patients Find Therapy Dogs Calming

A Jacksonville Beach dental practice is using a trained and certified therapy dog to calm current patients and attract new patients who otherwise would be too scared to go to a dentist. Local dentists could use this model in their own practices, while advertising the calming benefits of therapy animals.

Public Health Issue: Feeling of Loneliness Increases Risk of Death by 26%

According to new research published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, a lack of social connection may have serious consequences for our health and longevity. Researchers from Brigham Young University analyzed nearly 35 years of data on how loneliness, social isolation and living alone can impact your lifespan. What they discovered is unsettling.

Everyone’s Talking About Turmeric and Other Trends

Natural Grocers talked to a panel of the company’s category managers, nutrition experts, and editorial staff to find out what trends to expect in nutrition and health for the upcoming year. Here are their predictions for the top 10 nutrition trends.

VR Making Its Way into Real-Life Gyms

The Wall Street Journal reports a new generation of virtual-reality games for the gym aims to get users’ heart rates up with tennis and boxing, but also scuba diving and swordplay.

Juicing Options Overflow in Best Cities for Vegetarians

People choose to adopt plant-based diets for various reasons, some ethical, others health-related. According to a 2016 Harris Poll commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group, approximately eight million U.S. adults are vegan or vegetarian. And this group is leading the trend in juice bars and smoothie shops opening across the nation.

New Trend Takes Pilates, Yoga, Boot Camp Aerobics to the Water

CBS reports a whole new style of water aerobics is taking over fitness classes and gyms. Mountain climbers, jogging in place, and squats are all high intensity exercises usually done on land but are now being brought to the water. It’s water aerobics taken to a new level.

Consumers Spend $181 Billion Annually on Beverages

Findings from Technomic Inc.’s 2017 Away-From-Home Beverage Study indicate that nonalcohol beverages are a large and growing part of the foodservice industry. From staples like soft drinks, teas, coffees and juices to emerging categories like cold-brew coffee, energy drinks and enhanced waters, hot and cold beverages accounted for over $181 billion in annual sales and totaled over 113 billion servings in 2016.

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