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No Coins Needed and Other Trends in Self-Serve Laundry

As manufacturers introduce more energy-efficient machines with flexible, coinless laundry payment options, laundromats are becoming highly automated businesses that require minimal owner oversight and provide customers with unprecedented levels of convenience.

Churches, Worship Centers Marketing to Newcomers

“About half of U.S. adults have looked for a new religious congregation at some point in their lives, most commonly because they have moved. And when they search for a new house of worship, a new Pew Research Center study shows, Americans look first and foremost for a place where they like the preaching and the tone set by the congregation’s leaders.”

More Than One in Four Not Saving For Retirement

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling® released the results of the 2017 Financial Literacy Survey, now in its tenth year. Sponsored by Washington-based credit union, BECU, the survey found an increase in Americans’ credit card debt, decreases in the number of people with non-retirement savings and higher levels of concern about long-term financial stability, including retirement savings.

Attorneys Have Opportunity to Make Americans More OK with Divorce

While census figures can provide insights on the divorce rate in the United States, its fluctuations don’t tell us how Americans actually feel about divorce. When asked to gauge the opinions of their fellow Americans, nine in ten U.S. adults (88%) estimate that Americans believe divorce is acceptable. However, when asked about their own personal feelings on the matter, only 58% of Americans say they themselves believe it’s acceptable.

Boomerang Kids Talk Money, Goals, Embarrassing Housing

“Just as college-bound high school seniors are preparing to flee the nest come fall, moms and dads of recent college graduates may find their adult kids boomeranging back to the family home after years away,” Becky Niiya wrote. “New grads say college degrees are worth it as they move back home.”

Businesses Missing Mark on America First Shopper Opportunities

According to an August 2016 article by the Made in America Movement: Google searches for “Made in USA” and “Made in America” have climbed sharply from just a few years ago. In May 2016, “Made in USA” hit 94 on a 100-point scale, indicating peak search interest.

76% Say Owning Home is an Important Part of their American Dream

Americans remain generally confident in the country’s housing market and the value of homeownership despite recent interest rate hikes, according to ValueInsured’s quarterly Modern Homebuyer Survey.

Small Businesses Can Gain Loyalty Too – Target Loyalty App Users!

Generation Z will switch the majority of purchases to retailers which provide the newest digital tools and channels, Accenture research reveals. Young consumers seek voice-activated ordering, curated subscriptions and automatic-replenishment shopping models to be loyal.

Restaurants Catering to Locavores to See Returns

“According to chef experts, 2017 will see a significant shift in the restaurant industry — a shift away from the celebrity culture to more of a community focus,” Bambi Majumdar says. “And eating locally produced foods, known as “locavore,” will be one of the biggest food trends this year.”

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