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Businesses Missing Mark on America First Shopper Opportunities

According to an August 2016 article by the Made in America Movement: Google searches for “Made in USA” and “Made in America” have climbed sharply from just a few years ago. In May 2016, “Made in USA” hit 94 on a 100-point scale, indicating peak search interest.

76% Say Owning Home is an Important Part of their American Dream

Americans remain generally confident in the country’s housing market and the value of homeownership despite recent interest rate hikes, according to ValueInsured’s quarterly Modern Homebuyer Survey.

Small Businesses Can Gain Loyalty Too – Target Loyalty App Users!

Generation Z will switch the majority of purchases to retailers which provide the newest digital tools and channels, Accenture research reveals. Young consumers seek voice-activated ordering, curated subscriptions and automatic-replenishment shopping models to be loyal.

Restaurants Catering to Locavores to See Returns

“According to chef experts, 2017 will see a significant shift in the restaurant industry — a shift away from the celebrity culture to more of a community focus,” Bambi Majumdar says. “And eating locally produced foods, known as “locavore,” will be one of the biggest food trends this year.”

Home-Products Industry Cooking Up Continued Growth

The NPD Group reveals that the small home appliances and housewares markets will continue on the growth path they returned to in 2015. Covering more than 100 small kitchen electrics, personal care appliance, home environment appliance, and housewares categories, NPD is forecasting a nearly three percent combined dollar sales increase for these industry segments in 2017 versus 2016.

How to Target Cause Marketing Responders Authentically

Today, if a brand simply donates to charities, it is considered insufficient, made worse by bragging about it. An increasing number of brands are emerging with a do-gooder ethos. Millennials believe that brands, like themselves, can make money while making a meaningful difference. That said, there has been growing skepticism among Millennial shoppers of brands that “give back.”

It’s Time to Ramp Up Spanish-Language TV Advertising

Nielsen estimates that about 83% of U.S. adults in Hispanic TV households (persons 18+) speak some level of Spanish in the home, with 27% speaking only Spanish and 57% speaking both languages in the home. So it goes without saying that today’s go-to-market strategies would be well-served by including Spanish language advertising if they aim to reach and engage a considerable portion of the U.S. Hispanic population.

U.S. Climbing Industry Reaches New Heights: Sales Rise from Inside

The urbanized and less-traditional camping phenomenon has made its way into the U.S. climbing market. Beyond the mountains, increasing popularity of indoor climbing has sparked new interest in the activity, helping the industry to grow by 13 percent in the 12 months ending January 2017, according to global information company The NPD Group. The industry has grown its sales by $52.9 million since 2014, reaching a four-year high of $175.5 million.

Growing Attendance for Ballet, the Performing Arts

Audiences for major art forms ranging from opera to ballet are aging, creating fears of empty seats and depleted coffers in the future. But a synthesis of market research conducted for 25 performing arts organizations that are part of a Wallace Foundation initiative offers clues that might help change this picture.

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