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Consumer Search Behavior Linked to Age, Engine Used

How are your clients’ paid search campaigns working out? If you think the results could be better, you may be surprised to learn that the consumer’s age plays a role in whether they click on a paid search ad.

What Marketers Are Doing to Avoid Category Disruption

If your clients are like most businesses these days, they fear category disruption. Who can blame them?

Consumers Want Your Clients to Take a Stand on Issues

Public relations are more important than you let yourself consider, according to a study by Clutch. In a world where most information is literally at consumers’ fingertips, it’s crucial to make your company’s stance on social issues known.

AdMall Co-op Report Inspires First-time Digital Ad Purchase

In the world of sales, it’s a problem that comes up time and again. Small businesses can be hard to sell on advertising, often because of restrictive budgets, a slow shift to digital platforms, or a combination of the two. Such was the case for Mark Wert when he approached a local home decorating and remodeling store. The multimedia representative for the Daily Item knew that the storeowner was hesitant to fund any new advertising, so Wert turned to AdMall’s assistance to help plead his case.

Are Your Clients Overdoing Promotions?

As we enter 2019, your clients may be asking themselves whether they should spend more money on promotions or on advertising. Analytic Partners has released its ROI Genome Report to show marketers how they may be missing the mark when they rely on promotions.

BIA: 60% of Franchisees to Boost 2019 Ad Spending

Franchisees use up 16 media formats to connect with target audiences in local markets. This spending represents great opportunity for you.

Online-Only Operators To Turn To Influencers and Amazon Advertising

Your online-only prospects and clients face a big challenge. How should they go about promoting themselves? Internet Retailer’s latest digital marketing survey reveals how pureplay digital businesses are advertising.

Here’s How Americans Are Getting Their News

How do you prefer to take in the country or world’s latest news? You can watch it, read it, listen to it. And, you can watch, read, or listen to both through traditional media and digitally. Even with all the different ways Americans can catch up on the news, Pew Research Center says that there is one clear victor.

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Tech Marketers to Seek Purchase Intent Strategy in 2019

If your clients are selling IT, they have to understand what these buyers are looking for. This year’s B2B Barometer from Spiceworks reveals what IT sellers can expect and how they should promote their offerings.

SMBs to Shift Marketing Strategy in 2019

With the holiday season now in the rear view mirror, your clients are looking ahead to what the new year holds. SMB owners told Bank of America analysts what they’ll be focusing on in 2019.

What Your Clients Are Missing About Mobile Game Advertising

We are a nation of game players, especially on our mobile devices. Marketers are spending huge sums to reach consumers through games. Do your clients know the rules for playing in this advertising arena?

Large Marketers Impact Local Ad Economy With Big Purchases

Large advertisers are out there, waiting to spend money with the media companies that will help them connect to their target audiences. How can you sell them more local market media space and digital services this year?

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