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How to Help Your Clients Take Back Marketing

Marketing was long thought of as an art form. Now that the digital era is here to stay, marketing professionals are struggling to meet new kinds of goals.

Why Marketers Still Want to Advertise on TV

Digital marketing proponents would have us believe, Chicken Little-style, that the sky is falling on traditional advertising. While there has been significant attrition for some formats, TV is still doing fine.

Targeting the 92% of U.S. Adults Listening to the Radio Each Week

Smart speakers and stereos at home, car radios, and phones and computers when out of the house. Today, Americans rarely have to be without the radio if they don’t want to be.

The Early Bird Can Keep Its Worm; The Late Bird Gets The Deal

Autumn is a tough time to sell advertising, when most companies have long since solidified their yearly budgets and are already looking to the next year. That didn’t deter Ashley Reetz, a Media Consultant for KOAA-TV. Reetz took a chance, along with a page from the AdMall playbook, when she decided to call a local performing arts company.

CPG Companies to Shift Shopper Marketing Budgets to Paid Search

Between 2% and 4.3% of grocery buying now happens through digital channels. As consumer behavior changes, CPG marketers, largely comprised of grocers, are trying new tactics to reach their audience.

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Prepare Your Clients for the Shake-up in the Paid Search Market

At least 70% of surveyed businesses say they’ll increase digital ad budgets in 2019, and they’re particularly bullish about search.

How To Sell More TV and Video Advertising in 2019

Traditional TV may not have a growing audience, but advertisers still perceive the medium as an important part of their marketing mix.

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Is Your Online Reputation Costing You Gen Z Dollars?

You may think of millennials as the digital generation. But have you ever stopped to consider Gen Z, whose purchasing power is growing with every passing year?

AdMall Intel Leads to $66,000 Sale

Beth Dock, an account executive for Comcast Spotlight, is no stranger to success. With AdMall’s help, she closed a sale with a car dealership earlier this year that was worth nearly $50,000. Hoping to go for a double feature, Dock next went knocking on the door of a local dental company specializing in dentures and implants.

Wow Your Clients With Data Analysis To Ensure A Contract For Next Year

It that’s time of year. If you want to pitch new ways to offer value to your clients, and secure more work for 2019, check out the survey results from Sizmek.

Impress Your Clients and Prospects with Search Marketing Wizardry

Are you struggling to help your clients see the benefits of using both SEO and SEM? Here’s some advice on the topic from search expert Martin Reed.

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Have You Told Your Clients the Latest About Content Marketing?

Just when your clients think they have content marketing all figured out, another study comes along to challenge their strategy. The 2018 Digital Content Survey from Altimeter contains surprising insights on what marketers have to say about their content strategies.

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