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Are Your Clients Meeting Their Omnichannel Goals?

Retailers believe their in-store sales will shrink 14% in the next 12 to 18 months. This kind of statistic should set off alarms for your clients.

Do Your Clients’ Digital Ads Irritate Their Target Audiences?

In a global study, Kantar Media analysts took the pulse of 5,000 consumers exposed to digital advertising. They wanted to know who likes advertising and why. Here’s what they discovered.

Which Media Format Captures the Biggest Share of SMB Ad Budgets?

On average, local small- and medium-sized businesses spend thousands more on broadcast and cable TV advertisements than on online ads every year.

Local Account Intelligence Report Revs Up Bigger Ad Buy

Just outside the Rochester, NY metro area, a mom and pop style auto dealership was starting to lose its foothold. Although the company had been in the family for generations, a crop of larger dealers had moved in to the area and was siphoning a lot of business.

How to Help Your Clients Score with BTS Advertising

Back to school. No three words strike greater dread in school children. Those same three words add up to excitement and opportunity for your clients.

84% of Grocery Shoppers Use Circulars Weekly

More consumers are now counting on their grocers to offer prepared meals and home delivery. While shoppers still rely on circulars, they’re also using technology to stay connected with their favorite stores.

How to Help Clients Measure Mobile App Success

Mobile apps can be effective marketing tools. But, businesses need to understand how to optimize their use of apps. The latest research from AppsFlyer can help.

3 Easy Steps to Increasing Online Video Click-Through

Your client has just finished the perfect online video to showcase their company. One problem, the video isn’t getting as many views as the client had hoped. What’s happening and how do you fix it?

One Agency’s Loss is an $80,000 Gain for Media Sales Rep

When making sales calls, reps are no strangers to the phrase “cutting costs.” And Desert Sun media sales strategist Lindsay Ortiz was no exception when calling on a local car dealership. The dealership was doing just that, after having recently let go of the marketing agency handling all of its co-op approvals and submissions.

Large Advertisers to Shift Focus in Local Marketing Effort

Marketers who want to sell their products across the U.S. often split their ad budgets into buckets. Some spending goes to national campaigns, while the rest is allocated for local market campaigns.

Here’s When to Target Value-Conscious Shoppers with Conditional Promotions

When marketers must move a lot of product in a short period of time, they should advertise great deals. But, the type of promotion they use can drive different responses from consumers. Here’s what they need to know.

Which Ads Drive Consumers to Buy?

Are your clients asking which type of advertising is really catching the eye of the consumers? The results of a new study point to the power of TV and digital.

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