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Manage Smarter 11 – Heather Monahan: Building Confidence, Resilience and Your Personal Brand

Heather Monahan is the CEO of her own company Boss In Heels and author of the new book Confidence Creator – which reveals the essential techniques for building confidence and becoming your most powerful self. She was recognized as a Glass Ceiling Award winner as one of the Most Influential Women in radio in 2017. In episode 11, we discuss the need for leaders to build their own personal brand, building confidence and resilience, and being female in the C-suite.

How to Dress Up Getting Dressed Down by Your Peer

You’re in a meeting. Ideas are being shared. You posit a great one. Some twit uses this opportunity to bash you, your idea, your previous ideas and your entire role at the company.

You Have the Power to Navigate Office Politics

I was talking to a co-worker awhile back about mentors and he mentioned that a college student had asked him to mentor her. He said something like, “I don’t know what I can help her with because she’s already great at so many things and is a high achiever.” So I took a little jog down memory lane to think about what I wish someone would’ve told me about working life, and it hit me: politics.

That Awkward Moment When You’re an Outsider at Work

Ugh. Sometimes work feels like high school – or even worse – junior high. You could not pay me to relive middle school. But sometimes it feels like we are indeed getting paid to work in the school cafeteria, or in the gym before school/work starts.

2 Ways to Turn Office Envy into Motivation

Today I thought we could cover a different “E” word – envy. Good old-fashioned, sneaks-up-on-you envy within the workplace. At some point in our careers, we’ve all struggled with envy – even when we think we’re above it. Sometimes it just happens. It’s so prevalent that the topic came up in a recent company-wide meeting at my office, which led to a healthy, honest discussion about it.

Quit Avoiding Office Politics, Start Winning at Them!

Have you ever been in the middle of a situation at work where you felt like you were on a set of reality TV show instead? Or walked away from a heated discussion thinking, “this can’t be real. Is this really happening? At work? Where am I?”

Congrats on Your New Job: Now What?

If you’ve recently graduated and are making the move into the professional world, congratulations. You’re destined to do great things. And in the words of Nicolas Cole – guess what? Nobody cares.

The relationship edge…Are you on it, in it, or over it?

Beginning a relationship is easy. Exploration is predominantly on the surface. Nothing too deep. Nothing too wide. Nothing too revealing.