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Where are You in the Game of Sales? Setting Standards? Or Making Quota?

Please don’t confuse this article as just a tribute to the late, great Wilt Chamberlain. Rather, it’s a commentary on setting standards, breaking records, and the ability to have so much skill that the rules are changed to level the playing field.

How to Use Social Media to Turn Around Customer Service Problems

You know how people rant about their negative experiences on social media to feel validated by others? You can be one of those people helping to turn around the negative situation.

Are You A Negotiating Ninja?

When you finally get to the point of negotiating with your prospect, you don’t want to blow it. You can sweat your way through this process, or you can hone your negotiating skills with these tips from Emma Brudner.


Enjoy Your Vacation AND Make Quota

Sherer encourages reps to devote time to NOT working on vacation, adding that “[it] may be challenging to take time off in sales, but it’s 100% necessary to live a balanced, fulfilling life.” With these tips, you can unwind on vacation without stressing over your sales.


What Are You Asking During Your Discovery Calls?

Do you know the optimal number of questions to pose during a discovery call?


The Eiffel Tower: An Iconic Monument and A Critical Lesson

How much of your time is wasted criticizing other people, their ideas, or their thoughts? And how could you be investing that time to build your own monument? Your own Eiffel Tower.


Are You Bringing Your A-Game to Your Sales Calls?

Your body language helps your prospects gauge who you are as a person before you even get deep into conversation. Mirroring body language, along with carefully preparing what you say and how you say it, can increase your changes of connecting with a prospect.


How Non-Traditional Traits Can Help You Seal the Deal

Being a great salesperson is not all about being an extrovert and having great speaking skills. Michael Pici explains some of the unusual character traits top salespeople share in his blog post on


Top Tips to Assess That New Prospect

As you lure that new prospect toward your sales funnel, take time to assess the account. Who will make the ultimate purchase decision? How do they want to received communications from you? John Barrows lists several questions that will help you qualify the prospect.

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