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Tips to Hack Your Way to Public Speaking Success

Is the thought of public speaking giving you nightmares or causing you to break out in hives? Check out Lara Hogan’s book, Demystifying Public Speaking, for tips on how to conquer this fear.

Streamline the Prospect’s Path to “Yes”

Is it taking longer to get your prospects to say yes? Information overload is impacting everyone’s schedule and sometimes slows down the sales cycle. Check out these tips to speed the prospect to the answer you want.

The science of the sale. The art of lunch.

Let’s do lunch! Well, let’s do lunch the right way. Too often salespeople think that getting a lunch appointment is the victory, and don’t concentrate on building rapport and the relationship to ultimately make the sale. Big mistake.

How to Match Presentation Style with Body Size

Have you ever envied someone who owns the stage when she’s making a presentation? Chances are, she know how to match her style with her body size. You can learn this trick, too.

Ditch the Crowd: Tips for Better Networking

Are you just not a “networking” person? Does the idea of attending events make you cringe? Or, after years of mingling at industry functions, are you feeling burned out?

Networking like a dog

Charlie is my 12-week old puppy (she’s a girl for those of you who assumed otherwise). As a first-time dog mom, I have taken note of Charlie’s habits, and in particular, her friendliness and ability to speak with, connect to, and doggie-network with anyone and EVERYONE she crosses paths with.

The risk of 9 to 5. And the reality of BEFORE and AFTER.

95% of all salespeople try to fit their sales day into a normal workday. They want their day to be from 9 to 5, maybe from 8 to 5, maybe even from 8 to 6, but very little before that or after that.

How to Kill It In Your Most Stressful Sales Situation

It happens to the best of us. You think you’re prepared to give your presentation to your prospect. Despite all that groundwork, you suddenly find yourself standing in front of a panel of 10 people, including the CEO who has a reputation for eviscerating salespeople.

To ensure promptness. An old and new tradition.

Ever leave a tip? Sure you have. And most of the time, the amount of the tip is based on the perceived service or quality. Sometimes it’s a combination of qualities: food plus server’s performance.

Before and After – The Power of Networking

The secret sauce of networking is manufactured before the meeting starts, and is used during the meeting to attract and engage, and after the meeting is over to engage and connect. Powerful sauce, eh?

Trade Show Habits to Break

Trade shows are a great opportunity to get in front of potential buyers and network within the industry. But, you may unconsciously have fallen into bad habits, which can affect the effectiveness of your trade show participation.

2 Strategies to Capture More Customers at Trade Shows

Trade shows are a critical part of B2B marketing strategies, but if you don’t come prepared they can be a HUGE waste of time and money.

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