Companies operating in traditionally unpopular industries may believe they have no chance to improve their reputations in the consumer’s mind.  After last summer’s spike in gasoline prices, few consumers have a favorable opinion of the oil and gas industry. The mortgage-lending and pharmaceutical industries are not held in high esteem by most consumers either.

An Ipsos Public affairs study reveals, not surprisingly, that companies in well-liked industries such as  food and beverage or household cleaning products enjoy a positive image with consumers even if an individual company has not extensively advertised. The survey also reveals that individual companies operating in unpopular industries can earn the favor of consumers, and perhaps their business, if they increase exposure. This additional exposure includes advertising, marketing and press coverage.

Now may be the best time to approach your local oil company or mortgage broker and discuss a new campaign to develop a positive image for today and the future.

[Source: Silver Lining, Ipsos Insight, February 2009]