This is a time of job upheaval for many Americans, not to mention for many employers too. Industry experts predict that both job seekers and employers will focus on building their own brands and capturing career-building opportunities that can last through these rough times. According to the article “Recruiting Top Talent in a Downturn,” studies show that while hiring ebbs and flows during weak economic conditions, the quality of those that are hired increases. The article identifies, among other things, how agencies can ensure they hire someone who will carry their brand to greatness. No longer can ad agencies attract talent by bragging about no dress-code policies or the in-office bar. “There will always be that need to foster creativity through playful engagement,” according to the article. “But in this economy, those aspects of the agency-employee experience will become increasingly less relevant, as the focus will be solely on breakthrough thinking and impeccable execution.” So what should agencies focus on? The article’s authors, Greg Taucher and Jeff Swystun, compare and contrast agencies’ selling points, noting which ones have gained “new relevance” in this economy. Employee health insurance has gained importance, while ample vacation time is lower on the scale. Being a “fun place to work” now is overlooked for job security and training. To read the entire article, including the authors’ take on the impact of hiring Millenials, click here.