For many years smaller retailers have dominated the e-commerce scene and reaped profits while large chains continued to tweak the bricks and mortar shopping experience to bring in more customers. That is all changing.  Large retailers are finally paying attention to online retailing as a source of growth. A recent Internet Retailer article notes that this new emphasis on e-commerce by large retailers such as Sears and J.C. Penney will increase competition for everyone.

There’s a new sense of urgency for retailers to offer an appealing online experience to initially draw customers and to keep them coming back. Tools that allow cross-selling and up-selling as well as personalized shopping are in demand.

Remind your technology services clients to increase their b to b marketing to capture additional business as this trend grows.

[Source: Demery, Paul. “The Big Chains Weigh In,” Internet Retailer. August 2008]