Lead With A “Can Do” Attitude

by | 1 minute read

It’s a challenge to find good news lately, particularly if your industry, or especially your company, is struggling. Despite the recent woes facing many salespeople today (a time when buyers just aren’t buying), one communications coach is offering some advice: Be upbeat! Now, this may seem distasteful, considering the slumping economy and hardship many are facing, but Carmine Gallo believes that by remaining confident, one can help lift their company’s confidence, as well as that of their customers. Gallo doesn’t suggest lying or misleading in any way, but he challenges readers to acknowledge problems with a confident attitude. “By delivering an honest, optimistic message, your influence will increase and, most important, you may help contribute to a faster recovery for your business,” he says. In the rest of his article, “Restoring Confidence, One Presentation at a Time,” Gallo offers advice and examples of how to maintain optimism and inspire the same in others. While Gallo focuses on how to deliver presentations, his message can be useful for any interaction, whether it be a phone call with a current client or an informal chat with a coworker. Click here to read his article in its entirety.

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