Luxury Shoppers More Likely to Trust Sales Associates with Mobile Devices

by | 2 minute read

Retailers who are wanting to lure luxury shoppers should arm their sales associates with mobile devices, according to new research.  High-end shoppers are savvy, particular and use mobile devices to do their homework before making a purchase.

“Eighty percent of U.S. respondents answered that they know what they want when purchasing a luxury product or service before interacting with a sales associate, according to a recent article by Luxury Daily.  Of the 12 countries surveyed, respondents agreed with this notion between 64% and 91%,” the article notes.

The article also looked at findings by a recent Forrester Research report, which revealed that “66% of luxury customers are more willing to interact with a sales associate equipped with a mobile device.”

The reason may be due to a lack of trust between luxury customers and sales associates; affluent shoppers may not believe that sales associates really know product information.  As the role of sales associates continue to change, integrating mobile technology into stores may help re-establish trust while creating an enhanced experience for customers.

According to Ad-ology Research, nearly 88% of affluent consumers – adults with incomes over $100,000 per year – are homeowners and are 41% more likely than the average consumer to live in a suburban area.  The majority of affluent consumers do not mind paying more for high quality products, and are significantly more likely than average to support companies that sponsor a favorite sports team or athlete.

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