Manage Smarter 47: The 4 Commitments of a Winning Team

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Mark Eaton is a 7’4″ NBA All-Star, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author. He is passionate about sharing his teamwork message and has spoken to many world-class organizations. His book, The Four Commitments of a Winning Team, is a blend between his intriguing personal story and his principles for team building. Even if you don’t follow professional basketball, I am certain you will enjoy it.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Mark discuss:

  • What Wilt Chamberlin told him in five minutes that changed everything
  • What a winning team looks like
  • Why teamwork is misunderstood
  • How to build the trust and loyalty 
  • The secret to establishing an inspiring, energizing and harmonious work environment 


“These four commitments (are) things you can use as a manager and CEO to understand what teamwork is like from the inside out, really working from inside out and being there for your teammates.”

Mark Eaton

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C. Lee Smith

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