January 19, 2018

Better Together: 2 Keys to Employee Engagement

"Important question to get started here!" Deb Calvert said to the crowd attending the Leadership+Talent Development Summit in San Diego. "Chocolate or peanut butter?" Some shouts for chocolate rang out and some mumbles for peanut butter were sounded across the room, but when a few rogue attendees said, "both!", Calvert's eyes lit up. "Of course it's both!" she said. "They are better together!"

January 19, 2018

Managers Are Killing Culture – But They Can Stop!

C. Lee Smith spoke to a sold-out crowd of 120 at the Leadership+Talent Development Summit today in San Diego. The CEO of SalesFuel is focused on culture to an obsessive degree. He's also focused on fixing cultures for other organizations. "The thing about culture is you can't fix culture without fixing the managers," he began.