Manufacturers Plan to Shift Marketing Focus to Online

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Profitability for manufacturers is as elusive as it is for other business sectors this year. The GlobalSpec 2009 Marketing Trends survey found that 68% of manufacturing concerns expect a sales decline in 2009. To address the problem, many CEOs are planning changes to their marketing budgets and strategies.ShenZhen_china_104295_l

Here’s what manufacturers say their marketing goals are in 2009:

  • Customer acquisition 44%
  • Lead generation 29%
  • Customer retention 13%
  • Brand awareness 11%

Many senior executives also noted that they have begun the migration to online marketing and plan to use the following top channels this year:

  • Online directories/Web sites 70+%
  • E-mail using in-house lists 70+%
  • Search engine optimization 60+%
  • Online newsletter sponsorships/ads 50+%

Survey respondents also indicated plans to shift larger amounts of their marketing budgets to online efforts as necessary. Nearly 3 in 10 commit half of their budget to online efforts while about half expect to spend 1/3 of their money online. These changes, executives hopes, will generate higher quality leads and eventually restore revenue levels and profitability.

[Source: GlobalSpec Industrial Marketing Trends Survey, 2009]
Kathy Crosett
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