Many charities may have their go-to benefactors who have sufficient resources to help kick off a new campaign or rescue an important program at the last minute. Financial managers at charities would likely prefer to depend on reliable and steady sources of support. A new survey published by The Chronicle of Philanthropy shows that charities would do well to maintain close ties with small businesses. The survey indicates that small businesses regularly participate in charitable efforts as follows:

  • Donate cash 66%
  • Volunteer time 51%
  • Donate services 41%
  • Donate products 39%

Read the rest of this release to discover average amounts of giving and which types of charities receive the most support from small business. If your agency is looking for new opportunities, consider bridging the gap between charities and small businesses. Meet with charitable organizations in your market and propose a direct mail campaign to local small businesses.
[Source: Chronicle of Philanthropy release, 10.16.2008]