New Video! Advertising Smarter for Copy/Packing/Mailing Retailers

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Episode 60 of Advertising Smarter focuses on Copy/Packing/Mailing Retailers – – and looks at how you can create the right message, at the right time…using the right media to reach the target audience for this category. Watch this video briefing here, see it in HD on YouTube, or subscribe to see every new episode upon release on iTunes.

Right message

Copy, packing and mailing businesses provide key services to consumers and small business owners. These stores compete on the basis of location, hours of operation, services provided, reputation, price, and the major shippers they are aligned with, such as FedEx and UPS. In recent years, revenue has been threatened because of the “green” trend. More businesses are going paperless. But revenue-generating services such as copying and reproduction, print, document finishing, and mailbox rental are making up for lost revenue.

Right audience

These community-oriented retailers service commercial customers and consumers within a 3-mile radius. College students, military personnel, and small businesses are all great potential customers for copy, packing and mailing retailers.

Right messenger

B2B marketers are planning to spend more in 2013 on non-paid social media and social media advertising. These marketers also plan to cut budgets for print, radio, TV, and direct mail while increasing spending by at least 50% on website development, email marketing, social media, online video, and search.

Right time + place

Copy/pack/mailing businesses experience an increase in volume in late November and December due to the holiday season. Want to know more? Visit This video features research findings from Ad-ology’s Industry Marketing Insights: Copy/Mailing/Packing Shops. For even more insights… Ad-ology PRO Subscribers:

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All others:

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