New Video! Advertising Smarter to Likely Beach Vacationers

by | 1 minute read

Episode 53 of Advertising Smarter focuses on likely beach vacationers – consumers who are thinking about heading to the beach for their next vacation – and looks at how you can tap into these consumers’ media interests and habits, buying preferences, as well as their attitudes about advertising. Watch this video briefing here, see it in HD on YouTube, or subscribe to see every new episode upon release on iTunes. This video features research findings from Ad-ology’s Audience Interest+Intent: Likely Beach Vacationers. For even more insights… Ad-ology PRO Subscribers:

  • Go to and click LOG IN to enter your credentials
  • Click on Psychographics > Travel+Leisure and select Likely Beach Vacationers.

AdMall users:

  • Go to and click LOG IN to enter your credentials
  • From the AdMall Directory, click on More Audience Profiles.
  • Select the media type you want to sell.
  • Select Purchase Intent for Audience Categories, then Likely Beach Vacationers.

All others:

  • Go to and click Research Store.
  • Enter Likely Beach Vacationers in the third box (“of this type”) of the Research Store Wizard and click/tap on GO!
  • The cost of this report is $195.