Why You’re Not an Ace Manager

A promotion often means you were really good at your previous position. It doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be a good manager.


What’s Your Competitive Advantage?

As I've traveled around the country giving keynote speeches the past 27 years, I've been amazed to find that many salespeople do not know and cannot articulate their competitive advantage to their prospects and customers!


It’s Time to Ramp Up Spanish-Language TV Advertising

Nielsen estimates that about 83% of U.S. adults in Hispanic TV households (persons 18+) speak some level of Spanish in the home, with 27% speaking only Spanish and 57% speaking both languages in the home. So it goes without saying that today’s go-to-market strategies would be well-served by including Spanish language advertising if they aim to reach and engage a considerable portion of the U.S. Hispanic population.


Impress Your Prospects with Your Video Conferencing Skills

Before you schedule your next video chat, make sure that you are aware of basic etiquette. In a recent article, Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey share 10 tips to make sure your video conferencing etiquette is up to speed.


Are You Still Using Money to Motivate Your Employees?

You just offered one of your employees a chance to go to an industry conference with you and two colleagues. In your opinion, this trip should be a huge motivator and reward for her. So why is she hesitating?