Over 20% of U.S. Adults Listen to Podcasts

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In case you haven’t heard, podcasts have a growing audience. Your clients can reach podcasts listeners with their message. But, first, they should check out key details about this audience. Edison Research and Triton Digital’s new The Infinite Dial Report speaks to what marketers should know about podcast listeners.

Podcast Audience Size

In the past decade, the size of the podcast audience has nearly doubled. About 180 million consumers, 64% of adults, have heard the term ‘podcast.’ In terms of gender, slightly more men (67%) than women (62%) have awareness. Currently, about 44% of the U.S. population over age 12 have listened to a podcast.

On a monthly basis, 24% of women, or 34 million women regularly listen to podcasts. Similarly, 27% of men are checking out podcasts. Whether they’re listening to motivational speakers or great fiction, these consumers could also be hearing your clients’ messages on podcasts.

Podcast Audience Demographics

Podcasts listeners tend to be younger than the average population. For example, 37% of female podcast listeners are between the ages of 25 and 44, while only 31% of women fall into that age range. This trend makes sense. Consumers often listen to podcasts on their smartphones and younger consumers tend to be heavier users of mobile devices. These consumers also excel at multitasking, which means they are listening to their favorite podcasts while they drive, go on a power walk or run on the treadmill.

Your clients should also know that Asian-Americans, consumers with household income of over $75,000, and consumers with advanced education (more than a 4-year degree) over-index when it comes to podcast listening. This group of consumers can be challenging to reach with traditional media messaging, but easily targeting with a podcast sponsorship.

The on-demand form of communication that podcast delivers can be a great way for your clients to stand apart from the competition. For more information on podcast listeners, check out AudienceSCAN, available from AdMall at SalesFuel.

Kathy Crosett
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