Nearly half of active duty military personnel (46%) are under age 26 and 72% have children under age 12, according to Alloy Media & Marketing’s Military Explorer report.


They are highly educated, all have at least a high school diploma or GED, 100% are employed, and the average household income reaches $79,300 a year. Keep in mind, housing, insurance, and uniforms are paid by the U.S. government.

They are highly wired, with the majority of households owning a laptop computer (90%), MP3 player (91%), and digital camera (85%). Some 89% have standard cable, and 53% watch premium cable. More than one in three homes (35%) subscribe to satellite radio.
Their purchasing behaviors are truly a joint effort. That said, women are more likely to purchase children’s clothing, toys, and lawn or garden supplies.

Price and convenience are the most important factor when shopping. In fact, military families are four times more likely to use coupons than are non-military households. Military families make around five trips a month to an off-base superstore and four trips to an off-base grocery store.  Notably, families say they aren’t willing to drive more than 11 miles off-base in order to reach a store, even if they offer lower prices.

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