Even in good times, the big picture keeps US elite business leaders up at night. And as the Ipsos Mendelsohn 2008 survey indicates, the ability of these leaders to succeed on a large scale is linked to  details such as:

  • Price of raw materials
  • Value of the US dollar
  • Innovation

Help your clients reach this elite group by linking products and services to the details that help businesses succeed and marketing via the media which business executive use at the following rates:

  • Email/news/IM via mobile devices 63%
  • Streaming video on PC 51%
  • Satellite radio 41%

When preparing your media buy, keep the following demographic profile in mind:

  • Male 85%
  • College educated 80%
  • Personal income $475,000+
  • Net worth excluding real estate $1.6 million

Remind your clients that 63% of this group acknowledges that  advertising sways their decision-making.

[Sources:  Ipsos Mendelsohn, BE: USA 2008/2009; Ipsos Mendelsohn Business Elite 2008 study, BtoBOnline.com. 10.20.2008]