Retain Your Job During A Recession

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Approximately half of Americans are worried about losing their jobs. Are you one of them? Executive sales coach Keith Rosen recently wrote the first article of an eight-part article series on how employees can keep their jobs in this rocky business climate. His first point? “Make yourself indispensable.” By going above and beyond, you are showing your value as an employee and proving to your employer that you take your job seriously. Rosen suggests taking on as many assignments as you can successfully, learning new skills, and even continuing your education to make sure you are bringing all you can to the table. “Being valuable takes precedent over being important these days,” he writes. “Every job today has become more valuable and as such, every person more transparent about how much of a measurable impact they’re having to the bottom line.” “These strategies,” he adds, “can make the difference between you moving up the ladder of success or moving out the door.” Read Rosen’s entire layout in his article by clicking here, and make sure to check out the other articles in his series for more job-retaining tips.

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