Sales Inspiration From An Unlikely Source

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A recent Rain Today article caught my eye because of a unique metaphor employed by the author. Alan Weiss, Ph.D. recounts noticing an insistent pigeon during his daily train commute and how the bird was intent on getting into the train station, despite the interference by a police officer. Weiss writes that those in sales can actually learn something from the pigeon, and his friends who ultimately succeeded in entering the station. “I’m relating all this because the pigeons have learned to go where the food is, in comfortable surroundings despite outside conditions, to master the doors and gates to enter, and to get along with other, transient users of the place,” he writes. “They are also diligent in returning when they are thrown out, never taking it personally.” While few salespeople have probably compared themselves to a pigeon, Weiss backs up his metaphor with some great tips that those in sales can take away from the birds. He lists ten ways the sales process is similar to the birds’ quest for entrance into the train station. I’ve listed the first five:

  1. Find the location of the sustenance.
  2. Figure out a way to get in.
  3. Elude and avoid the gatekeepers without offending them outright.
  4. Co-exist with others who use the place for other reasons.
  5. Understand that if others like you are thriving somewhere, the odds are good for you to thrive there.

The remaining tips can be found, along with the main article, here.

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