A recent survey by the Chief Marketing Officer’s Council revealed that marketing/ad executives plan to increase focus on personal customer service and interaction, something that could set them apart from competitors during these rough economic times. Approximately 76% of survey respondents feel they aren’t attaining the full revenue potential of their current customers and personalized attention may be the solution. The following are just a few things in which marketers plan to invest in the near future:

  • Better segmentation, profiling, and targeting strategies (60%)
  • Adding or improving database marketing systems (49%)
  • Acquiring new analytics capabilities (30%) to better target and engage
  • Personalizing multi-channel communications (30%)
  • Individualizing print, email, text messaging, call center or web interactions (26%)

“Top-line growth mandates, inflationary pressures and a more constrained economic environment are challenging marketers to explore every possible area of customer revenue optimization and marketing efficiency,” said Donovan Neale-May, executive director of the CMO Council. “By combining new technological delivery mechanisms with good old-fashioned marketing savvy, companies can better sustain current business relationships while exploring new routes to revenue.” To read the entire article, which includes more survey findings, click here.