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Apparel Gaining Ground for Brand Placement

Some 97% of college students are willing to wear a t-shirt featuring a brand’s logo or name if it means they will receive a cost reduction, according to Apparel Media Group (AMG). Moreover, 74% say this reduction needs to only be $1. These findings are sparking interest among major brands and agencies to explore apparel brand placement. Youth sports leagues and college students have proven receptive to this form of marketing.

U.S. Apparel Market Beginning to Show Signs of Life

According to The NPD Group, Inc., the U.S. apparel market while still in negative territory for 2009 is showing some signs of life. In the fourth quarter of 2009, the women’s market slowed its decline and bucked the total apparel trend with only a 3% decline in that quarter. While still not positive growth, it is a sign that momentum is shifting. There are some important apparel categories that performed well in 2009. Those are: jeans +3.5%, dresses +2.3%, bras +1.1%, tights +2.4%, and men’s underwear tops +11%.

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