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Book Store to Promote Titles to 47% of Consumers Who Want Printed Materials

“According to a recent online survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Canon, adults are most likely to say that if printed materials no longer existed it would make them feel sad (47%). Only 5%, in comparison, say that they would feel happy and very few (1%) would feel relieved. One in five would feel unsure (22%) if print medium no longer existed, while at least one in ten would feel indifferent (14%). Fewer say that the extinction of the print medium would make them feel anxious (6%) or overwhelmed (4%).”

40% of Kids Wish Their Parents Still Read to Them

Reading aloud to a child is a wonderful bonding moment, but the research also shows that reading aloud to children all the way up to age 11 is a predictor that children will become frequent readers.

Bookstores May Market More Author Events to Attract Teen Buyers

Contrary to popular opinion, young people continue to read books. The findings of a recently released TeenReads.com study indicate that about 1 in 3 teens purchased between 3 and 5 new books in the past 6 months. Another 20% of these young readers bought only 1 or 2 book in the same time period while 20% buys at a much higher rate – 6-10 books. How can book publishers reach this market and establish loyalty and buying patterns to create lifelong customers?