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Media Mix Modifications Coming for B2B

B2B marketers are struggling to stay current with the changes in marketing strategy and technology. In particular, some BtoB marketers continue to employ tactics which are no longer providing big returns. These are the findings from the Crain’s BtoB Magazine and Bizo survey that was published last month.

BtoB and Twitter: Marketing Strategy or Channel

BtoB marketers are using Twitter. But not everyone agrees on the value of the microblogging tool. The opinions of the nearly 400 companies represented in BtoB Online’s recent survey about Twitter ranged from extremely positive to somewhat doubtful.

B to B 2010 Marketing Outlook Improves

Despite the common wisdom that higher ad budgets translate to more sales, 58% of B to B marketers cut their promotional budgets in 2009. Categories that fared the worst included events and print, both cut by 63% of BtoB Online’s 2010 Outlook Survey respondents. Not surprisingly, over 8 in 10 of these businesses increased online spending in 2009. What do these businesses plan to do when it comes to 2010 marketing?