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Is Your Sales Rep Onboarding Process Broken?

Hiring the right sales rep to join your team is harder than it’s ever been. Keeping good reps is proving to be equally difficult.


Are You Using Annual Talent Reviews to Build a Robust C-Suite?

Last week, during International Women’s Day, many female workers opted to stay home to protest the many inequalities they face. Thought leaders are calling on businesses to take action to address workplace inequalities propel more women into senior leadership positions.


Why You Should Help Your Team Members Celebrate Failure

So the hotshot young coder you hired a few months ago came up with a new idea for a report that she was convinced would be a big hit with users. She made her case and the bottom line numbers looked good. She spent weeks on the project. The report has been available for a


Have You Read this Page in Your New Leader Playbook?

Starting a new position, especially in a leadership role, is never easy. Naphtali Hoff urges you to figure out how your personality stacks up against the personality of the individual who left the position.


32% of Businesses Are Increasing Rewards/Recognition Spending

Employers who fail to spotlight big achievements or the extra effort put forth by a team member in an important situation risk losing their best people and can end up eroding company culture.


Tips to Fix Your Broken Employee Feedback Loop

The best companies these days make the employee appraisal process a two-way street. In a recent Smartbrief.com column, Kelsey Martin explains how her company uses employee feedback to improve operations.


How to Help Your Team Members Connect to the Corporate Mission

Your senior managers get the corporate mission. After all, they spend enough hours locked in meetings, developing goals to steer their departments in the right direction. What about the employees who work on the production line?


Top Leaders Never Say “That Won’t Work”

Management has asked you to take on a bigger role, because they believe you can make a difference in helping the company to reach its goals and grow. Whenever you have to say no, and sometimes that is the right answer, follow up on your negative response with a plan about what to do next. That’s Dan Rockwell’s advice at Leadershipfreak.blog.


5 Reasons Sales Reps Will Leave Your Company and What to Do About it

73% of sales reps have, at some point in their career, left a company of their own accord, according to a January 2017 survey of 725 U.S. sales representatives by my firm SalesFuel. It’s a fact that one of the biggest headaches for sales managers these days is trying to find and hire good salespeople. I often get asked about the best places to find sales talent and how to reel in the best candidates. But it’s more productive to look at the problem from a different angle.

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