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Culture Shock: How to Stop Losing Star Performers

With the economy now on firm footing, employees who don’t like their current company cultures are seeking new opportunities. It’s not always easy to fix your culture, but Matthew Gonnering, the CEO of Widen, has a few ideas.


How to Get Your Leadership Ego Under Control

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. As a leader, it’s especially important to find that line. If you don’t, and your employees perceive you as being too full of yourself, your company’s bottom line will take a hit.


Are Your Sales Compensation Plans Dysfunctional?

Your product or service might be so technical that your sales reps need extra training in order to successfully sell. They shouldn’t encounter the same situation with respect to the compensation plan you are offering.


Culture, Brand, Leadership – a Trifecta for Success

“There is an epidemic,” Tony Nuckolls told the crowd at the Schey Sales Symposium. “The ‘good enough’ epidemic is our current problem.”


Two Hacks to Maintain Peak Team Performance

The relentless pressure to perform under constantly changing market conditions can take its toll, unless you employ specific strategies to keep your team members and your company on track.


How to Help Your Organization Avoid a Wells Fargo Moment

Do you want to keep your company from having a Wells Fargo moment? You know that moment – the one where you are sitting in front of Congress defending your policies that pushed sales reps to achieve supremely high targets at the cost of ethical behavior?


Managers: Does Your Sales Rep Compensation Package Align with Culture?

Attention sales managers. Are your reps happier about the prospect of extra cash or would they appreciate recognition in the form of a trip to an exotic destination? The answers to these questions matter, and to some extent, depend on cultural background.


Are 24% of Your Employees Passive Saboteurs?

Every leader’s worst nightmare is that one of her team members is actively trying to bring down the organization. Far more dangerous, Maylett points out, are the 24% of your team members who are passive saboteurs.


Tips from Famous Leaders on How to Change Workplace Culture

Changing workplace culture doesn’t require prestidigitation, but often, the outcome of your efforts can be magical. Here are a few pointers from some well-known leaders who have walked in your shoes.