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6 Statistics to Help Shape Your Customer Service

It’s no secret that the process of providing good customer service is getting more elaborate by the day. With your clients’ abilities to share their views on any experience you provide for them, you never know what could be put on display for all the world to see. Talk about pressure.

How Proactive Is Your Customer Service?

Be friendly to and open with your clients so that they feel comfortable coming to you with anything. Then, don’t just meet their expectations, blow them out of the water. Don’t be hesitant to go above and beyond for clients to make them feel heard and appreciated.

Is Your Service Strategy Convenient for You or the Customer?

Empathy is an extremely important trait to have as a salesperson, but it’s not always the best problem solver. Younger consumers would rather have solutions than empathy when they need help.

How to Get Clients To See You as a Human, Not Just a Salesperson

Reach out to your client every now and then, even when there isn’t a pressing reason to. Ask her how your product or service is working for her or share some helpful information related to the previous sale that she may find interesting. It keeps you fresh in her mind and shows that you care about the service you give more than money.

How to Wow Your Clients With Top-Notch Service

When your client comes to you with a concern and a solution isn’t provided in your policy, but you still do your best to satisfy their need, you’re finding an innovative way to meet their needs and therefore wow them.

Is it satisfied customers you’re after? NO!

I’m sick of customer satisfaction. The worst companies in the world tout the fact that they won some satisfaction award. It’s not just a bad joke. It’s a pathetic statement.

How to Ace Customer Service During a Crisis

Instead of viewing customer service issues as problems and beating ourselves up about them, we need to see them as what they truly are: opportunities.

Sell is a Four Letter Word

Many people in sales want to believe they help the client. Well, here’s a secret – the best salespeople are helpers. The best salespeople care and are genuine.

How to Use Social Media to Turn Around Customer Service Problems

You know how people rant about their negative experiences on social media to feel validated by others? You can be one of those people helping to turn around the negative situation.

Is Your Customer Service Customer-Centric?

Your clients are the make or break of your company and their opinion of your service is critical to your business’ future.

Does Your Outreach Truly Benefit Clients?

If your outreach doesn’t clearly benefit your clients, why on earth would they take the precious time needed to respond?

Are You Treating Your Clients As Individuals?

We need to keep in mind that our customers are individuals. They may start off as a random name and number on a spreadsheet of prospects, but once they’re our clients, it’s personal.

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