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Boomers Don’t Shun Digital Technology But Adopt at Slower Rate

Although an increasing number of baby boomers own smartphones and belong to social networks, boomers – especially older ones – still tend to be less digitally engaged than younger consumers, according to new research from eMarketer. Only 42.6% of boomers who have mobile phones are mobile internet users. However, boomers are about as likely as younger internet users to use email.

New Study Details Importance of Digital Technology in Moviegoer Awareness and Decision-Making

A newly commissioned research study of nearly 4,000 moviegoers finds that an overwhelming number of people across all age groups have fully adopted digital technologies and increasingly depend on them to gain information about new movie releases and help with their decisions about which films to see. The study found that the Internet and word-of-mouth are gaining in importance (closely following in-theater trailers and TV commercials) as a way that moviegoers discover upcoming film releases and now rank ahead of traditional methods of advertising such as billboards and newspaper ads. The importance of peer group feedback (social networking, face to face interaction, texting) in the decision-making process was also a key finding of the study, with teens and young adults especially influenced by this consumer voice.