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Short Video Clips Connect with More B2B Buyers

More than half of all digital video consumption occurred on smartphones in 2017, and, per NPD Group, streaming video took up a whopping 83% of total mobile data consumed. This sea change in user consumption patterns represents a huge opportunity for business-to-business brands to score points in the social media feeds of their customers and prospects, Adweek reports.

How Small Media Companies Can Beat Tech Giants

At this point, many small publishers feel like they’re David up against Goliath as they watch their ad business being gobbled up by Facebook and Google. But media sales reps and publishers have ways to fight back.

Are Your Clients Obsessing Over Ad Budget Waste?

Decades ago, John Wanamaker famously lamented he didn’t know which half of his ad money was wasted. This year, a survey from Rakuten suggests that U.S. marketers believe at least 30% of their ad dollars yield little or no return.

MAGNA: U.S. Ad Market to Reach New High in 2018

The good news is that media sellers can expect revenue of $197 billion in 2018. Without the cyclical spending of politics and the Olympics, the ad market growth will be more like 3.7%.

SEO: Giving Video Ads a Voice Before Viewers Even Press Play

Give your client’s video ads the boost they need to get ahead of the competition’s ads with this often overlooked ad strategy.

Retailers to Advertise Online Deals Early in the 2018 Holiday Season

The 2017 holiday advertising season is history for your clients. Before we get too far away from that frenzy of activity, it’s a good idea to recap which advertising strategies worked and what didn’t.

CMO Study: 12% of Marketing Budgets Spent on Media

If you’ve noticed that your clients suddenly seem obsessed about delivering excellent service, you’re seeing evidence of a new trend. This year’s ad campaigns will reflect more promises about excellent service.

Why Your Clients Shouldn’t Be Overlooking the Power of Direct Mail

It’s time to get your clients’ ads more attention by taking advantage of a medium other advertisers underestimate (even though it holds receivers’ attention for 118% longer than digital).

Accurate, Informative Content Sways Consumer Purchases

Content is king. Whether it’s a blog post or a video, consumers are paying attention. They’re also sharing content. Their interest in content can be a great way for a brand to expand influence.

3 Tips to Increasing Digital Advertising Efficiency

Do you have digital advertising clients? Make sure they’re taking advantage of these three trends to make the most of their digital ad spend.

Is 2018 the Year of People-Based Marketing?

More businesses are moving to people-based marketing. Here are the advantages to this kind of marketing.

Clutch: 80% of Consumers Favor Restaurant, Food Ads

Clutch recently surveyed 1,030 consumers to find out what they like about ads. Here’s what they learned.

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