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One-Third of Businesses Are Outsourcing Digital Marketing Needs

We know businesses are spending more on digital marketing. But, did you have any idea that 41% of businesses are spending at least $500,000 a year on digital?

Are Your Clients Overdoing Their Retargeting Ads?

Once consumers show interest in a specific product online, it’s easy to imagine they’re halfway down the purchase funnel. To reel in consumers the rest of the way, marketers are investing more in retargeting efforts.

Marketers Tweak Display Ads to Improve Visibility

Marketers are spending plenty of money running display ads. They’re making decisions about page placement, ad size and what to include for visuals in order to attract attention. Sticky has released a new infographic that explains just how challenging it is to get display ads noticed and what marketers should do to increase their visibility.

Marketers and Publishers Rallying to Change Display Ad Metrics

The simple display ad market, now worth $12.7 billion may begin shrinking soon. Marketers are starting to understand that a significant percentage of the inventory has no value, primarily because of new viewability standards. To counter this problem, publishers are making changes to the media spaces that they are selling.

RTB to Become Larger Part of Display Ad Sales

Earlier this year, I highlighted a couple of reports which predicted that about 20% of publishers and marketers will use real-time bidding (RTB) to buy and sell online ad space by year end. This trend particularly impacts the display ad market. eMarketer analysts expect that about 25% of display ads will be sold through the RTB process by 2015.

Market Research to Play Larger Role in Successful Display Campaigns

Marketers seeking to reach specific audiences often use the tools on Google Display Network for their display ad campaigns. Doing so allows them to narrow down placements, sites, categories, topics, keywords, demographics, device and remarketing. Despite all of these options, it’s tough to run campaigns successfully without the proper research tools.

Does Facebook’s Ad Price Slide Reveal the Firm’s Long-Term Strategy?

Facebook’s star is rising as the company prepares to roll out its IPO next month. The company is competing hard to control a larger share of the display ad market. In fact, it’s competing so hard, it’s willing to discount ad prices – a move that’s reminiscent of Amazon’s strategy in its quest for domination of the retail sales market.

Social is the New Space for Display Ads

It should come as no surprise that marketers are boosting their display ad spending this year. But advertisers are making a big change when it comes to where they are spending their display budgets. More of these businesses are moving a large part of display advertising to social media sites.

Display Ad In-View Stats Prompting Marketer Changes

Half a second. That’s the industry standard for measuring a display ad view. This time span may sound incredibly short but many display ads are not being seen by their intended audiences at all. And this problem is prompting marketers to take action.

Marketers to Demand Best Positions for Display Ads

The old saying that first impressions make a difference counts in marketing. Advertisers are routinely allocating a significant portion of their media budgets to display marketing. But those online ads can’t make much of a difference if they don’t have a chance to make an impression – often because they’re located in the wrong place.

Marketers to Use More Facebook for Online Display

Last Friday, I highlighted an article that discussed the low rate of consumer interaction with display ads. That detail has not deterred marketers from allocated significant budget resources to the format. The latest figures from comScore shows the format continues to grow through the key players in the industry have begun to shift.

Real-Time Bidding to Grow for Display Ad Market

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the ways that marketers are improving the look of their display ads. It turns out there’s a lot going on behind the scenes before an online display ad appears in a consumer’s browser. Marketers want to deliver their content to a specific audience for the best possible price. And the media space owners want to maximize the profits for delivering that audience to marketers. This situation has given rise to a real-time bidding market for display ad space. By many accounts, this bidding business model will continue to grow in 2011.

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