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Retailers to Tout Sustainable Offerings

“The ways in which companies are delivering on their brand promises to consumers is steadily widening as sustainability expands well beyond food and beverages. While we expect sustainable-minded shoppers to spend up to $150 billion on sustainable products by 2021, sustainability is starting to drive gains in everything from resource management to product packaging. Here’s a glimpse into the myriad ways in which consumer packaged goods companies are embracing sustainability and outperforming along the way.”

Marketers to Update Their Sustainability Messages

Marketers use a number of strategies to attract consumers and build loyalty. These tools often go beyond personalization in emails or exclusive discounts. One key strategy is to build affinity and this often means sponsoring a favorite sports team, funding a charity, or showing concern for the environment. According to Young & Rubicam, marketers are going about the messaging for environmental sustainability all wrong.