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Two Tips to Squelch Office Politics

he problem with office politics is they can easily spin out of control. One of the early leaders at Facebook recently discussed how the company works to minimize office politics.

57% Use Facebook More than any Other Social Media

Blueshift Research reports that Facebook continues to be the most popular social media site despite respondents‰Ûª usage of the site falling 1.6 percentage points quarter to quarter. A recent UBS study reveals that Facebook has the highest percentage of users who frequent its site.

Marketers Taking Another Look at Joint Facebook-TV Promotions

Marketers and consumers are accustomed to hearing about the social aspect of TV viewing and its connection to Twitter. But, a report from SecondSync – Watching With Friends, suggests that real-time interaction between viewers, Facebook and TV is taking place at a high enough rate to attract marketer attention and advertising budgets.

New Social Sites Aim to Challenge Facebook’s Dominance

Does it matter that teens are losing interest in Facebook? Marketers have been rushing into social media marketing in hopes of reaching younger consumers who are focused on digital media and the main target has been Facebook. But Facebook recently acknowledged that teens are spending less time on the site. In addition, newer start-ups are attracting more attention, especially from the youth market. Enterprises need to stay aware of and respond to the changes in the social media world in order to successfully connect with younger consumers.

Enterprises to Deemphasize Facebook in 2013

With so many companies surveying enterprises on their social media use and ROI expectations for this channel, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. But, Chief Marketer’s new Social Marketing survey offers a complete view of business attitudes about the major platforms in the social media space. The findings include good details on the differences between B2C and B2B operators and an interesting twist on the future of Facebook.

Does Facebook’s Ad Price Slide Reveal the Firm’s Long-Term Strategy?

Facebook’s star is rising as the company prepares to roll out its IPO next month. The company is competing hard to control a larger share of the display ad market. In fact, it’s competing so hard, it’s willing to discount ad prices – a move that’s reminiscent of Amazon’s strategy in its quest for domination of the retail sales market.

Facebook to Lure Marketers with Discounted CPC Metrics

In just a few short years, consumers have made Facebook a go-to location and marketers have followed with their online ad budgets. Between 2009 and 2011, analysts believe the firm’s ad revenues grew from an annual $740 million to an estimated $3.8 billion. Despite Facebook’s popularity, marketers can turn to many other online destinations to spend their ad budgets. As a result, Facebook is using a number of techniques to keep marketers and users connected to their online universe.

Facebook to Excel in the Small Advertiser Market

In the euphoria surrounding the shiny new thing Facebook has become, investors have bid up the firm’s valuation to the astronomically high level of nearly $70 billion. The latest data on Facebook advertisers suggests that the social networking site is increasingly popular for small merchants in the local market. But large companies, who were expected to spend big on social media, are still finding other ways to allocate their digital budgets.

Facebook to Challenge TV for Branding Budgets

Facebook, the undisputed king of social media marketing may pull in as much as $4 billion in revenue this year. And some analysts, referring to a “leaked document belonging to investor Goldman Sachs” believe the company’s profit was $500 million on $2 billion in revenue last year. Given the astronomical valuation of $75 billion currently being discussed for the company, Robert Hof recently wrote an article explaining how the company’s vision differs from what has come before and how it will continue to attract a higher percentage of ad budgets.

Top Brands to Improve Facebook Marketing Presence

In one of yesterday’s blog posts, I discussed recently published studies on how marketers are striving to improve the ROI on the display ads they present to Facebook users – mainly by targeting. But there’s another way that brands and marketers can reach Facebook users. They can increase the content and interactive features on their official Facebook page. A new study by Wongdoody reveals the best steps companies can take to build up their Facebook pages in meaningful ways.

Marketers to Use Google/Facebook to Reach Elite Consumers

They are considered one of the most difficult audiences to reach – the educated and affluent. But once a marketer connects with this group, it can tap into the influence these consumers have over their friends and families. Increasingly, marketers can reach this select consumer group through Google and Facebook. However, they need to assure these consumers that they will protect their privacy.

Tweet Me Right: Mastering Social Networking

Does your agency Twitter? Or have a Facebook profile? If not, your agency could be missing out on a lot of free and far-reaching promotion, networking opportunities, and chances to build strong professional relationships.