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How to Inspire Your Client’s Trust After the Sale is Closed

Trust is difficult to achieve. Clients care about more than your products and services. When you show them you have great problem-solving abilities and won’t waste their time, you’re on your way to building trust.

What Your Salespeople Are Afraid to Tell You

“She doesn’t seem like he wants to help me out,” a respondent said about his manager in SalesFuel’s 2017 Voice of the Sales Rep study. “He is not around when I need him or he fails to see the importance of an issue I need his help to resolve.” These are direct quotes from two of the 725 salespeople SalesFuel polled in January 2017. And it’s what sales representatives are thinking, but aren’t telling their managers.

Are You Applying These 4 Key Tips to Your Customer Service Plan?

An effective customer service plan is the dividing line between the greats and the mediocre. Which side are you on?

Are You Blunt Enough With Your Employees?

A new method of providing employee feedback, Radical Candor, is gaining acceptance. Could it be right for your company?

The Power of Impactful Leadership Communication

“Would you be open to having a conversation about you, that your team is having without you?” Tim Reynolds, executive director of the Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership, asked the ballroom full of sales professionals during the Schey Sales Symposium.

Are You Soliciting the Right Kind of Employee Feedback?

If you’re leading a company, you know you need to have a system in place to hear and respond to customer feedback. But, have you done anything to solicit feedback from your team members?

Are You Making the Best Use of the Criticism That’s Coming Your Way?

Sooner or later, most leaders are the target of criticism. The way you handle this criticism will set the path for your future as a leader.

Successful Presentations From Miles Away

As a result of rising fuel prices, increased airline hassles, and improving technology, more businesses are delivering presentations via webinars, teleseminars, and other remote events.