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21% of Americans Have Not Started Saving for Retirement

Americans feel under-prepared for the financial realities of retirement, according to new data from Northwestern Mutual. Nearly eight in 10 (78%) Americans are “extremely” or “somewhat” concerned about affording a comfortable retirement while two thirds believe there is some likelihood of outliving retirement savings.

Telecom Industry Fueling Ad Spending Increases Globally

A few studies have come out recently that point to a global slowdown in ad spending by marketers both large and small. Analysts at both Warc and Ad-ology have reported that the initial enthusiasm behind bigger ad budgets in 2012 has been tempered by global economic troubles, especially in the Eurozone and in Syria. A new report from Nielsen goes a step further and informs readers about which sectors are spending the most on advertising.

Millennials to Become Target for Alternative Financial Services

Much has been written about the financial illiteracy among young adults. Then, there’s the poor economic conditions that make it difficult for many folks to put aside money for an emergency. These two facts are combining to make the perfect opportunity for alternative financial services marketers to tap a new client pool.

Reputation Management Campaigns to Come from Financial Services Sector

Financial services firms know they have a problem. Many consumers blame these enterprises for leading the country into the Great Recession. As a result, financial services operators intend to embark on reputation improvement campaigns this year.

Banks and Credit Unions to Increase Insurance and Investment Product Marketing

Banks are still feeling the pain from new legislation that limits the amount of money they can charge customers for some services. In addition, some banks have withdrawn from the mortgage market. These changes in the industry have left operators looking for new product lines, especially in investments and insurance.

Financial Advisors to Up Direct Mail Effort to Seniors

Financial advisors who target the senior market find themselves selling to a very worried group of consumers. A new group of consumers is beginning to move into the senior market – older baby boomers. As a result, financial advisors are evaluating the best way to reach out to prospective clients.

Small Banks and Credit Unions to Promote Mobile Banking Services

Local and regional banks, along with credit unions, have a problem. These financial institutions are far less likely to offer the latest technologies to their clients and this is especially true of mobile banking. While a significant number of clients at these smaller financial institutions do not yet use new kinds of services, demographics are changing and to maintain market share, small banks and credit unions will need to begin promoting their mobile offerings.

Banks to Increase Digital Media Efforts

Few industries are experiencing the kind of negative pushback that consumers reserve for banks. If they’re not looking over their shoulder in fear of a general economic collapse, consumers are concerned that their own personal financial situation is threatened. Executives at banks of all sizes understand they need to improve their image and communicate a message of stability and optimism this year.

More Insurers to Market Life Insurance as an Investment Tool

If there’s one thing the ongoing economic crisis has taught consumers, it’s the importance of emergency cash reserves. But it can be difficult for consumers to justify setting aside cash when so many routine expenses come their way. Some insurance companies have decided that the best way to sell life insurance is to promote the dual benefit of the whole-life or permanent plans – survivors get a payout as a death benefit and plan holders can tap the funds to cover cash emergencies.

Image-Building Campaigns to Increase in Healthcare and Financial Services Sectors

The healthcare and financial services industries have come under closer consumer scrutiny this year. The healthcare industry is about to undergo a transformation with the upcoming national reforms becoming more apparent in 2012. And, the financial services industry is still struggling to redeem itself after the recent economic collapse. Some analysts believe both of these industries will be rolling out image campaigns in the next year.

Banks to Market Premium Credit Cards to High-Income Consumers

With the worst of the economic contraction hopefully behind us, banks are looking for new ways to generate revenue. Recent legislation has hampered the way financial institutions operate and bad publicity about new fees has stung many banks. Now, banks are considering the best way to promote credit cards to improve profitability.

Financial Asset Managers to Adjust Promotional Efforts

At a time when many investors may be looking for better ways to improve the return on their nest eggs, a new report highlights the deficiencies in the marketing campaigns at major financial asset management firms. The next generation of investors is the most tech savvy yet and many of these consumers are avid social media users. Yet, financial services firms have been slow to change their marketing approaches.

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