Tag: Grocery Delivery Users

Retailers to Promote Grocery Delivery Services

“Consumer Reports’ 2018 Supermarkets Survey revealed 3,043 of its members who responded to its survey used online grocery delivery services. Those consumers represent 7% of the 75,065 members surveyed by Consumer Reports Survey Research Department for its grocery stores ratings.”

Ding Dong: What Grocery Delivery Users Want

“We deliver” is the boast of online companies that bring food, or even entire meals, to your home. So could this make your local grocer a thing of the past? Why go to the supermarket when it can come to you? Seattle mom Christine Holm gets groceries from Amazon, from the company’s new super-fast Prime Now service.”

More Consumers Ordering Food Online, Getting Groceries Digitally

Purchasing Food Online: The New Normal? Nearly one third of Americans – and almost half of online shoppers – turn to the Internet to purchase food. Whether it’s out of convenience, an effort to save money, or a necessity to get just the thing you’re looking for, online shopping has become a staple for many.